There are a lot of people who fear dogs. Here are some tips to help you get rid of your fear of dogs.

How To Get Rid Of Fear Of Dogs

Dogs have always been a part of human civilization because of their friendly nature, intelligence, and loyalty. No wonder, they are known as man’s best friends. However, not all people love dogs, and there are many who fear them. This fear of dogs is medically known as cynophobia. There are a number of reasons for the fear of dogs, but the most prevalent is due to the natural behavior of dogs, as sometimes they tend to show their aggression. In most cases, the fear of dogs develops during childhood. Sometimes, the sheer size can be really intimidating which can contribute towards giving rise to the fear. Another reason can be the trauma caused due to witnessing or suffering a dog bite. There are also cases where you are not afraid of dogs, but have not been properly conditioned about the nature of dogs. Since, the first time you were afraid of it, the response to the sight of a dog has remained with you. This reaction conditions your mind and it evokes strong emotions and fears, which occurs subconsciously. Sometimes, the fear of dogs is so serious and chronic that people avoid going to parks, or visit friends and families who keep canines as a pet. In short, the dog phobia can really affect their lives. If you have a fear of dogs, and want to help yourself get rid of it, then read the article for few tips.
How To Overcome Fear Of Dogs 
  • Dogs are lovable animals and loyal to their masters. They can have a fierce side but remember that they attack only when provoked. To get rid of your fear, you have to be sensitive, knowledgeable, positive, careful, and responsible towards the animal.
  • Find out why you are scared of dogs. Remind yourself that dogs are the best friends of man, and repeat this in your mind every day.
  • Visit your local dog park. Watch the dogs and their activities from a distance for at least a few minutes. Do this activity for about a month.
  • Try to befriend a dog. You don’t have to hug or touch them instantly. A slow gradual process will help you. Choose a dog that you are familiar with like a friends pet or one that a family member owns.
  • You can watch a film on dogs, or look for cute pictures and images of puppies or dogs cuddling with humans, and indulging in playful activities. It really can have a positive impact on you, and your approach towards the dogs.
  • There are some people who like dogs but are afraid to touch or go near them. If you like dogs but the fear puts a barrier between you and the dog then you should collect information on dogs, and you will be surprised to learn a lot of positive qualities about them. Try to understand the nature, and behavior of the dogs, and you will learn to admire them.
  • Do not harbor any wrong impression about the size or the appearance of the dog. Dogs like Labrador may be large in size but they are one of the gentlest creatures. On the other hand, a Pekinese which is smaller in size can be very aggressive. 
  • Start playing with puppies. They are harmless, small, with no sharp teeth, no growling, and no snarling. You will be surprised to find those puppies recognizing you within a few days of your friendship.

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