You have just broken up with your boyfriend and you don’t know how to deal with his anger. Read the article to find tips for handling an angry ex-boyfriend.

How To Deal With An Angry Ex Boyfriend

Ideally, it is assumed that both the parties pick up the broken pieces and move ahead after a break-up. However, the reality is a complete 180 degree turn of the ideal situation, wherein strong emotions of resentment and anger from one or both the parties rule the mind after a break up. Research states that some people even become obsessive, jealous and dangerous, when their ex relationships do not work the way they had thought it to be. While girls mostly cry and give vent to their feelings, for boys, strong emotions of anger, rage and wrath usually accompany a break up. Dealing with an angry ex boyfriend becomes extremely essential at such situations. The best way to deal with an ex boyfriend is to completely eliminate him from your life. However, if you aren’t able to do so, there are other ways of dealing with such people. Given here are some tips for handling an angry ex-boyfriend. Read on further to know how.
Tips For Handling An Angry Ex-Boyfriend
Offer Friendship
If possible, let your ex-boyfriend feel that he is important and special to you. However, this may hold true only in case wherein both agree for a mutual break up. In case your relationship ended in an emotionally or physically violent manner, it is best to stay at a distance. If your ex is not willing to keep you as a friend, do not force him. Lend your hand only when he is ready and ensure that you two are only friends. Avoid talking negative about him behind his back.
Do Not Ignore
Ignoring your ex-boyfriend is not a solution to the problem. It will only worsen the matters by making him angrier and more resentful. After a break-up, do not suddenly start ignoring him and walk out by his side. Remember, you’ve had a history with him, which you cannot avoid and hence, recognize and respect him.
Do Not Display A New Relationship
Nothing can be worse than seeing your ex with his/her new partner, especially if you are the one who has been dumped. In case you are likely to develop a new relationship, do not let your ex boyfriend know about it. Place yourself in his position and imagine how you would feel to see your ex, whom you still love, going around with another person.
Be Honest To Yourself
Do not get carried away by the friendship with your ex-boyfriend. Be true to yourself and try not to get back into the relationship all over again. Think about the reasons why your relationship ended. In case you ex is forcing you to get back and you feel you have enough valid reasons not to be with him, do not give in to the situation. Instead, just talk it out and make him feel better.
Do Not Avoid The Threats
In case your angry ex-boyfriend is threatening you to get back into the relationship, do not take him lightly. He can be extremely furious at the break up and this emotional turmoil can make him violent. It is best to inform the proper authorities at the earliest, since there have been cases of angry men hurting their ex.
Laugh Off Any Rumors
In case your ex-boyfriend is spreading any rumors against you, do not overreact. Instead, let everyone know that you do not care about it and tell them that they aren’t true. Ask your ex directly the reason behind the rumors. If he denies them, it simply means that they are just not true.
Targeting Your Best friend
It's quite possible that your ex-boy friend may try to get close to your best friend. He may do so only to make you angry. In case your friend agrees to go out, do not go crazy. Just be honest and tell your reasons behind the break up.  Do not pressurize your friend not to go out with him. Just inform her that you are no way trying to hurt them or break their relationship, the only thing which you fear is that he is only using her.

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