'How to be a good boyfriend’ is a frequent question amongst men. In this article, find out the major traits & qualities that women look for in a boyfriend.

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

Everyone likes to be praised but happiness reaches its zenith, if the praise is done by the beloved. And boyfriends are no exception to this statement. Most of the guys can be found surfing sites to get study material, but hardly anyone could be seen browsing traits & qualities women look for in a boyfriend. The point is not only to receive compliments, but also to make the relationship strong. For being a good boyfriend, all you need to have is a little patience and a true loving heart. To assist you further in the matter, here are given certain tips.  
Honesty Is The Best Policy
To keep any relationship long-lasting, it is essential to be honest. Tell her the truth, be it about her dress, looks, or compliments. In case you don’t approve something as regards her, convey your opinion in other way or might be as a compliment. For example, if she asks you about the dress she is wearing, don’t tell her directly in case you don’t like it but suggest another dress that looks cool on her.
Be A Helping Hand
Girls tend to be emotional while guys have a practical bent of mind. If you find her depressed or tensed, try to divert her mind by doing other things like go for a movie or a dinner. Make her comfortable and then ask her about the problem. Try to understand the situation and help her to overcome it.
Learn Not To Say ‘No’
Treat your girlfriend with love and care. When she says anything and you’re not in a mood to listen or you’ve some other problems on mind, ask her politely that you’ll talk about this later on. Girls usually get emotional to make their men listen to them. Act wisely to turn things in your favor.
Speak Up
Whether it is about problems or choices, always converse with your girlfriend. Boys have the tendency to keep their problems with themselves, but sometimes this can lead to problems. If your mood is not good and she tries to find out the reason, tell her the problem and for sure, she’ll offer you her shoulder to relax.
Try New Things
Relationship is about leaving all inhibitions behind, and actually growing up together. Try out new things, probably a new restaurant, nightclub or any other place. Do things together, it could be making meals, going for a jog or race etc. Such new ventures create many beautiful memories for lifetime.
Compliment Works
Compliment works, but it should be a sincere one. Like, hit upon something particular about your girlfriend and compliment her about it. Avoid saying that she looks nice, but say it with a proper reasoning, such as “Your hair style actually suits your face”.
Create Impression

Girls get impressed by boys, if they have got manners of a gentleman. No matter what they speak on your face, but actually girls like to be treated like a princess. All you need to do is hold doors, pull out chairs and other things like that. Treat her with more decency when your relatives are around.

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