Pet names symbolize love and hence are considered very sweet and special. Explore this article to learn some of the best nicknames for your boyfriend.

Pet Names For Boyfriend

Pet names represent a special way to show your love for your boyfriend. Girls give pet names to their boyfriends out of love and affection for them. They find them loving and caring and are taken away by their deadly smiles and charming personality. Giving pet names to boyfriend is also a part of the hip-hop culture that the Gen Y swears by, where people celebrate even their one-month anniversary. Are you also planning to give some nice pet name to your sweetheart, to make him feel special? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Let us first explore what kind of names pops up in your mind - prince, honey, darling, hottie? Though they are the most popular, you must have realized their clichéd existence. Your love is special and you don’t want to call him by the name that the whole world uses!
Pet names are so personalized that they stand for the special relation you and your boyfriend shares. You can make your love speak out through these names. These names help you to build a separate world that consists of only you and your boyfriend. You can always go back to the fairyland of love where there are no worldly concerns and grudges. However, the nicknames have to be apt as well. You need to be really selective in this matter so that your love stand out from the crowd. So, why not go for something unique and unusual? You can play with his name and figure out the right adjective using his first initials. That will not only sound cool, but will also keep you away from the names commonly used by the other lovers, thereby giving a personalized pet name to your partner. In case this idea doesn’t appeal to you, we are here to keep you away from the nitty-gritty of keeping pet names. Just go through the list given below and check out some of the best pet names for a boyfriend. 
Best Nicknames For Your Boyfriend
A: Adorable, Apple of my eye, Andy Roo
B: Baba, Baboo, Baby, Baby Boy, Babz, Bambi, Beju, Binkey Winkey, Blubber Penguin, Bolster, Bonbons, Boobear, Bozo, Bubba, Bunny, Buzzy, Butsi, Beany, Boo, Bully
C: Captain, Casanova, Champ, Cheeky monkey, Chica, Chipmunk, Chuckles, Chunky, Cookie, Cowboy, Cuddle Boo, Cuddle Bug, Cuddly Bunny, Chocolaty Mousse, Cuppycake, Cutie Patootie
D: Dashing, Dear, Dearest, Deary, Doobie, Dove, Ducky, Dumpling, Donald
F: Fruity, Frizzy, Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bear
G: Gemmie, Giggles, Goobers
H: Handsome, Heartthrob, Hearty, Hero, Honey Bunny, Honey Man, Honeybee,
Hot Chocolate, Huggable, Huggalump, Huggy Bear, Hunk, Hunky
J: Johnny Pie, Jaan (Hindi word for My Life), Janu (Hindi word for Darling), Jujubie
K: King, Killer
L: Lion, Love, Loveling, Loverboy, Lubs, Little feller, Lucky
M: Muffin, My Love, My Dear, My King, My One and Only
O: Old Man
P: Peanut, Picachu, Pooh, Pookie, Prince, Pumpkin, Pudding
R: Raja (Hindi word for King), Romeo
S: Sharky, Skittles, Snuggles, Soldier, Soul mate, Sparky, Stud, Sugar, Sugar Pie, Sunshine, Super stud, Superman, Superstar, Sweetheart, Sweetoo, Sweetpea, Sweetum, Squeezy, Spikes
T: Tarzan, Tiger, Tum Tums, Tootsie
Y: Yummers
Z: Zany

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