Breaking up a prom date can be a daunting prospect. Read on to know how to break a prom date.

How To Break A Prom Date

Breaking a prom date may be one of the cruelest things you can do. Whether you asked for a date or have been asked for it for prom, breaking up can be difficult. For any reason if you have decided that you can’t go to the prom with the person and need to break up with him/her, you could not be more in a fix. The first thing which may come to your mind may be to cancel going to the prom at all, but prom night is one of the most important night in a person’s life. It is true that you should not accept or ask a person for going to the prom and then ditch them. However, it is also true that going with a person whom you didn’t want to be with, may ruin all the fun of the prom. So what can you do? Go with the person, sulk for whole night, and may be for all your life for making one of the most important days of your life boring and dull for you? Or may be ditch the person and live with the tag of villain and vamp for rest of your life? Although the reasons for breaking up may differ from person to person, there are some ways to break a prom date. Explore the following pointers to know the tips for breaking a prom date.
Tips For Breaking A Prom Date
Do It As Soon As Possible
Do it as soon as you have decided to break the date. It may be very difficult for you but think of it as a ripping off a bandage, the more time you wait; the more painful it will be for you and for the person you are breaking up with. The other person may have made many plans and it is not ethical to break up with someone you are going to prom with just before the prom night. Remember that it is not that person’s fault that you are breaking up with him/her. If it is a boy whom you are dumping, he may have already rented a tuxedo, limo etc, so while you are breaking up, you can offer to share the price. Give him enough time to find another date to go to prom. If it is a girl who you are dumping, give her ample time to be able to search another date. In any case, hurry and get it done with. The more time you wait, the nastier the break-up would be.
Be Kind And Honest
Remember that it is you who is breaking up a date and so you need to be nice and kind about it. Unless there is a fault of a person, you are breaking up with, you don’t have to play the blame game. Make sure you convey the message as kindly as possible. Don’t tell them that you are breaking up because the other person sucks or is ugly or any other reason. Just tell them the reason why you are breaking up without pointing out their mistakes.
Understand Your Date’s Emotion
Your date in most cases will accept the fact that you are ditching them and may get angry or sarcastic. Your date must have made many plans and is entitled to get upset over it. Try to understand their feelings. They may also feel rejected and betrayed. However, you need to think of a way to finish the date as smoothly as possible. Don’t get angry and try to make them understand about your situation. Use soothing words as otherwise it may even put them into depression.
Don’t Lie
Never in any case lie to them about your intentions of going to prom. If you intend to go to prom but with another date, you need to convey it gently. Just think of a way to tell them without making them feel rejected. Sometimes, white lies are accepted it is not harming anyone; however, it is best to use truth.
Don’t Try To Get Them Break The Date
The easiest way to break a prom date is by acting weird and letting your date break the date for you. It may be the easiest but it is not ethical especially if your date lives nearby you. He/she will know eventually and feel cheated. In addition, if the date doesn’t break up with you, you may feel frustrated and if then you break the prom date then, the break-up can turn nasty.

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