Like everything else, there are different kinds of anger too. Read on this article to know the different kinds of anger.

Types Of Anger

If you say that you have never been angry in your whole life then either you are blatantly lying or you don’t know anything about anger. Anger is a generic emotion that is experienced by one and all. However, there are different degrees and different kinds of anger. Anger can be destructive and can lead to various problems. Getting angry is all right but the release of the anger should always be in a healthy way. The channelization of anger towards the right way is important for a proper growth. Knowing different types of anger will help you recognize your type and you would be able to handle it well. Read on to know the different kinds of anger in the following pointers.
Different Kinds Of Anger
Behavioral Anger
Behavioral anger describes a type of anger, which consists of an aggressive action often physical, against someone or something, which triggered the anger. This type of anger generally causes a physical attack on the subject of the anger. The outcome of the anger is almost always a physical abuse or assault.

Passive Anger
People who have this type of anger, use sarcasm and cynicism as their weapon. They may be silent but it may be just to avoid the open confrontation. People with passive anger generally are good at hiding feelings but they are prone to sulking and generally express their anger this way. The people using passive anger tend to keep away from conflicts with situations or people.
Verbal Anger
It signifies the same that is anger expressed through words and not actions. People who generally use this kind of anger tend to use words as their armaments. They criticize, insult, pass judgment on, and abuse to put people down and to complain.
Self-Inflicted Anger
Self-inflicting anger is a way to take out the anger by punishing oneself. People who use this type of anger often punish themselves for what they themselves or somebody else has done to them. The person, who uses this kind of anger often starve, cut oneself or even over eats to punish themselves.
Volatile Anger
This form of anger can be rightly compared to the volcano as it crops up in varying degrees. One moment a person can be calm and the next moment he/she can be in full rage. It just comes and goes; it can either appear out of nowhere or can explode or even go unnoticed. Volatile anger is often the result of bottled up emotions, which could otherwise be expressed in a healthy way.
Chronic Anger
Chronic anger is a type of anger, which is often a prolonged anger, and mostly without any reasons. People exhibiting this type of anger get used to getting angry and it becomes a habit. People with chronic anger generally get angry at something on which nearly no other person would get upset.
Judgmental Anger
The person exhibiting this kind of anger often puts other people down and makes them feel unsure about themselves, about their abilities and make them feel worthless. This type of anger is very much related to verbal anger and the person gets satisfaction by putting other people down.
Overwhelmed Anger
Overwhelming anger is used as a method to relieve stress by shouting and fighting. The people who use this method exhibit this anger when they are not able to take situations and things that are happening around them head on and this type of anger is a kind of a punch bag for them.
Retaliatory Anger
Retaliatory anger is the result of often a direct reaction to someone else lashing out at the person. It is one of the most common types of anger.
Paranoid Anger
This type of anger is the direct result of either the insecurity feeling or jealousy. It may happen because a person feels that other people are given something which is rightfully his or hers. It may also be because of feeling intimidated by others.
Deliberate Anger
This anger arises out of frustration or in order to gain power over the situation or sometimes over a person. This type of anger often occurs when something does not turn out the way the person wanted. It may also crop up when a plan doesn’t go accordingly.
Constructive Anger
This type of anger is a constructive approach towards something and is often a response towards injustices.

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