If you are looking for tips on how to deal with anger, then clearly you must have borne the brunt of it from either of the sides. Read the article to get tips on anger management.

How To Deal With Anger

Have you heard the phrase - “A man is about as big as the things that make him angry”? Now that you know this, it is time to consider the things that are bothering and angering you. In case they are as small as a pin, then maybe it’s time to take stock of things and act towards it. Anger is arguably the most common emotion that humans express. And it is also arguably the strongest for it has the potential of overtaking all the other emotions you feel - even love becomes a slave to anger. But anger cannot always be considered a bad emotion. It can yield positive results when channeled in the right direction, because when handled maturely, anger builds determination and fuels will and courage. However, dealing with this emotion is not even half as easy as it is with others. It is strong, overpowering and mostly destructive. But remember, nothing’s impossible. Read on for tips to deal with anger effectively and efficiently.
Dealing With Anger
Understand Yourself
The foremost way to fight anger is to understand what enrages you. Take a look at all instances which make you feel the anger pangs within you. Maybe it’s your dog barking unnecessarily or maybe it’s your kid spilling water on the floor that gets you worked up. But the point is that you wouldn’t know anything for sure until you look at things closely. And this exercise wouldn’t just help you know yourself better; it would also awaken you to those petty things that flare you up unnecessarily.
Take Stock Consciously
Now look closely at all those things that enrage you and think, “Are they really worth flaring up for?” You will get your answers yourself. There is no need for anyone to say that your anger on a particular situation was futile, you would know that for yourself. And just in case you can’t, picture someone else in your position and see if there is any point flaring up. You would end up dropping more than half of your list at this point.
At times you may understand the pointlessness of losing your cool, but you may still not be able to do anything much about it. This is because your conscious self comes under the grip of anger, and strikes like a hot rod. But even that has a way of getting tackled. Meditate! Practice simple deep breaths and other breathing exercises every day in the morning. It calms down the senses and keeps you fresh, focused and forgiving.
Positive Is The Word
Negativity breeds frustration, which, in turn, breeds irritability and anger. Get rid of all the negativity. Make sure your room is well-lit and well-ventilated. Also make sure you have enough people to talk and have fun with. Loneliness is a major cause of negativity and broodiness. Also, get into some hobby after work which would help you express yourself, so that all your emotions can be vented out constructively.
Pen It Down
Another excellent way of dealing with anger is to write it down instead of yelling it out. Vent your frustration and anger on to the paper (by writing on it of course!) and do full justice to your feelings. But at the same time make sure that what you write is readable by people. Writing obscene language would just add to the anger and may even get you perverted for life. So stay away from the trap of over expression.
Play It Up
And when everything else fails, turn to the tried and tested formula - sports! Hit the gym or the playground and sweat it all out. You can choose to pursue a hobby or you can even create one. Games aren’t difficult to come by and it is never too late to start playing. But make sure that your sport is fun and preferably an outdoor one, because getting stuck within the four walls playing a dull game is the last thing you would want to do when upset.

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