Learning how to manage anger becomes essential when you find yourself fuming at the slightest of provocation. Read on to explore some tips for managing anger.

How To Manage Anger

If you run the search words ‘anger’ in Google, you would find million quotes and statements attributed to this emotion. Every one of us knows that it is not sensible to get angry. However, how many of us are actually able to control this emotion? Hardly a few, right! Anger is a very natural emotion and at one point of time or the other, even the most sensible of us would find himself/ herself flaring up the gun. So, no matter you live in Mumbai or Manhattan, one thing is fairly certain, you will get angry sometimes. Just because you get angry on a few occasions, it doesn’t mean that you have a problem. However, if you do not know how you manage your anger in those moments, then we have trouble at hand. Anger is an overpowering emotion and you might find yourself overwhelmed by it on more than one occasion. So, learning to tame your temper is very important. Controlling your anger will help keep you from hurting yours as well as other people’s feelings. Before your blood pressure shoots out of the scale, the next time you get furious, learn how to manage anger, with the following tips.
Tips For Managing Anger              
This is one of the best and most common ways to handle anger. When you find yourself too angry, try to calm down. Take deep breaths and use soothing words. If you are standing, sit down and let your body relax. Use the counting method to cool your temper. You can also incorporate yoga and exercises in your daily life, to counter frequent anger. It helps in calming the nerves.
Solve The Root Cause
Get to the root of the cause of your anger. Analyze the anger rationally and then curb it. If you can think logically about your temper, you can easily beat it as well. Logic connotes reasoning and reasoning means beating irrationality, which is the general outcome of anger. Use hard logic to make your anger vanish.
Talk It Out
Although it is very difficult to talk you away out of any conflicts, it is necessary if you want to channelize your emotion towards positive things. Talking will also help you identify the reason and next time, you will try to avoid the cause that flares up your emotion. You might even be able to think before you act.
Change Your Environment
Get away from the place, which is causing your anger. If you cannot distance yourself completely from the place, head to the washroom. Wash your face and take deep breaths and you will find yourself better in no time.
Practice Avoidance
There are some things that always get to you. In such case, it’s best to practice avoidance. If it’s a person who makes you angry, try the apathetic method. However, instead of cold-shouldering the person, be polite, but don’t get engaged in heavy conversation, as it may lead to something that may push your button once again.
Be Kind To Others
When you are kind, you are less likely to harm a person with your words, or otherwise. Don’t make general assumptions and coat negativity on everything. Keep your emotions in check and don’t hold grudges. Think from the other person’s perspective and you will find your anger vanishing like a vapor.
Be Honest About Your Feelings
Sometimes, we don’t even know what is causing our anger. You may flare up on the unclean habit of your spouse, like throwing wet towel on the bed, but your anger may be just an outcome of frustration at work. So, be honest about your feelings before you jump up the gun.
Write It Down
Sometimes writing about the things or the people that make your angry also helps. When you write about the cause of your anger, you get aware of the root cause. And when you know the root cause, you can take steps to eliminate it as well.
Go For Counseling
If nothing works and you find yourself blown up on slightest provocation, consult a therapist or take anger management classes. A professional may help you better in this case and you will learn how to cope up with your anger.

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