Do you suffer from stage fright and want to overcome your fear? Read the simple tips given here and know how to get rid of your stage fright and rock the stage!

How To Get Rid Of Stage Fright

Stage phobia is basically the fear of a huge audience. If you feel panicky in front of a large audience, grow anxious and tremble, then in all likelihood, you are suffering from stage fright. People who fear exclusive attention dread the thought of being on stage. They feel that only a person who is an artist in the real sense can be uninhibited on stage, for it is his/her job to deliver performances. However, even for a normal human being, it is possible to shed reserve and overcome stage fright. If you want to know how to get rid of stage frightand be a rock star, who continues to enthrall people, just follow these simple guidelines.
Tips To Overcome Stage Fear
Know The Paraphernalia
You can arrive at the venue a little ahead of the stipulated time and get comfortable with the place. You can also practice your upcoming stage session using the microphone and other audio-visual equipment. It’s important to learn how to operate any technical equipment which will be used during the performance. When the audience arrives, greet them and try to be friendly, to beat the fear of unknown. Make sure that by the time your performance takes off, the audience is not unfamiliar to you.
Don’t Apologize For Your Nervousness 
You might be shaky while beginning your performance, but if you apologize, you draw unwanted attention, which is not required. Gaining attention of your audience is your ultimate goal, but don’t let them notice your nervousness by continuously regretting for it. In fact, apologies are only called for when you have committed a blunder on stage. Try to be suave and look confident.
Focus On Your Material
This is the most important part of your stage appearance. You need to focus on the material of your presentation or the content of your performance and persuade the audience to focus on the same. Remember, the content of your performance is what the audience is looking for. Superior content will bring quality to the performance, which will ensure that half the battle is already won. It will also help to boost your confidence.
Take Your Mind Off It
It is important not to keep thinking about your scheduled performance, to avoid paranoia. Accept the fact that no matter how important a performance it is, it will certainly not be the last thing in your life. Continuous planning on how to make it right can enhance your anxiety on the D-day. Try to relax and take it easy, by taking your mind off it. Stretching your body or deep breathing can be a great way to relax if the tension is getting to you.
Perform For Yourself
If nothing else seems to be working, then the one remedy which can work as a panacea is to assume that your performance venue is audience-less and you are performing for no one, but you. Psychologically, it is a little difficult to achieve, but it is the greatest trick to conquer stage fright. Imagine that there is no one to grade your performance and just take it as a fun exercise. Go with the flow and give it your best!

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