Finding out whether someone you are interested in is married or not is an easy task . Know how to find out if someone is married, with the tips given in the article.

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

These days, people have become so secretive and deceptive about their personal life that they hardly let anybody know whether they are single, committed or married. There are many people around us, who could easily lie for years, about their relationship status. Finding out a suitable partner to date, without fearing about the existence of a 'third' person, has become an intimidating thing. One's honestly is at stake, when an important thing about life - marriage - is a hidden secret. Nevertheless, the truth cannot be hidden forever. By doing a little 'digging', you can easily find out if someone you are interested in, has already tied the nuptial knot or not. Know how to find out if someone is married, with the tips given below.
Finding Out If Someone Is Married
Check The Ring Finger
A straightforward way to find out if someone is married or not is to check the ring finger of his/her right/left hand. If the finger is adorned with an engagement ring, then you have made the wrong choice - the person is already committed to someone else. If no, then probably he/she has either divorced or not married at all. So, you can think of going on a date or two, with the person.
Pop Up The Question Straightaway
It may sound too blunt or daring, but if you want to banish all those anxieties about your partner's past, popping up the question straightaway would do no harm. Do it on the first few meetings itself, before allowing the relationship to grow too much. By doing so, you won't regret that you have made the wrong choice. However, try to be a bit subtle and bring it in the normal course of your conversation.
Ask The Person's Friends
If you are acquainted with some of his/her close friends, ask them about the person's current relationship status. Try to find wise ways to start the topic and bring out the 'hidden truth' from them. If you are smart enough, they would provide you an instant answer, the updates about his/her current relationship status and at times, some anecdotes from his/her past as well.
Notice Little Things
Ask the person a few simple questions and try to figure out how he/she answers them, every time you pop up the same set of questions. Keep a track of the calling times as well, because people who want to hide their marital status from others usually make calls at unusual timings, such as very late in the night. Maybe they wait for their spouse to fall asleep. Check whether the person goes away on unexplained trips or not. Noticing little things can be very handy.  
Collect Marriage Records Online
Nowadays, it is very easy to retrieve information on the marital history of someone you know, thanks to the virtual information bank - Internet. Public marriage records are now available online. While many websites charge some amount to retrieve the personal details of a person, others are providing the service free of cost. By accessing database offered by such websites, you would be able to know the marital status of your partner and decide whether you want to continue the relationship or not.  

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