Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, which mostly results in the trap of marriage. With this article, learn the advantages and disadvantages of getting married.

Pros And Cons Of Getting Married

The wedding season is on the hike and many single souls are looking forward to tying the knot to declare themselves as married. Once the couple exchange rings and share a passionate kiss, they can proudly refer to each other as a “spouse” or precisely “husband” and “wife”, instead of the super-creepy “lover”. However, the question is, are all those unmarried guys and girls really ready for the monogamous lifestyle? The excitement of saying those three letters or two words “I do” includes more than just loving each other and outliving a mortgage. While one should never be alone in life and should taste the delicious cake of marriage, it comes as an out-and-out personal choice because marriage is not a gift certificate that is valid for 30 days or 30 years. Getting married has its own share of pros and cons. Read through the lines below to know some advantages and disadvantages of marriage.
Advantages Of Marriage
Long Term Commitment
A marriage, that is an outcome of love and mutual respect, is strong enough to endure even the most difficult challenges. It is the love, honor and cherishment that contributes towards commitment, security and support amongst the couple. Arranged or love, marriage rightfully provides each person with the security of having a person for him/her for the entire life. In the act of standing against your family and friends to marry your beloved, you are further more inspired and enthused to work hard to keep your promise and stay good with your spouse.
Financial Benefits
In the modern world, both the partners work vigorously to earn their livelihood and support each other due to the increasing standards of living. Hence, marriage brings with it the benefit of combining the money managing talents and financial assets into one, thereby increasing the financial resources. Furthermore, financial support from both the partners largely helps in the areas of taxes, health care and home ownership. This becomes very significant in cases of sickness or while facing hardships.
Social & Community Acceptance
Most societies and communities find it hard to accept single couples living-in together in their neighborhood. However, when it comes to married couple, they are more than ready to accept the two. Generally, married couples prefer mingling with other married couples only. 
Opportunity To Rear Children
Though single parent homes are getting much prevalent in our society, the question is how many of them are happy and find it easy to raise a child or children single-handedly? If questioned, you are sure to be bombarded with scores of shocking and saddening stories. Marriage, on the other hand, enables you to raise children as a team, wherein each partner contributes his/her part towards the upbringing of the little ones. The fact is that raising kids is task that requires two people rather than one person alone.
Give Love & Receive Love
Getting married to someone you love enables you to channel all your unconditional love to the most important person in your life. Also, you become the proud recipient of unconditional love as well. Furthermore, marriage opens the doors for moody nights, wonderful and guiltless sex, and farting jokes, all legally.
Disadvantages Of Marriage
Loss Of Independence
Most people fear losing their freedom with marriage. Seeking permission with your spouse every time you want to move out with your friend or go shopping becomes suffocating and excruciating for some. Nonetheless, a marriage based on trust and belief can easily overcome such situations.
Living With Pet Peeves
Unfortunately pet peeves turn out to be the most difficult pets to live in with. While everyone has their own personal defects, but being a witness to some annoying and unacceptable things, such as leaving the toilet seat up or drinking milk directly from the carton, can easily bug a person. Little you may realize that you too may abide some things that can drive your spouse equally crazy.
Difficulty In Compromising
Compromise, perhaps, forms the most difficult ingredient of marriage. Living alone for quite sometime can make adjusting and negotiating with your spouse a little tricky condition, since you may have been used to doing things on your own. It may so happen that both of you have contradicting perceptions, which is true amongst most married couples. While your husband would want to watch sports, you may be willing to catch up on your favorite show. Similarly, he might think of decorating the living wall with his old baseball jersey, while you may want to put on your favorite piece of artwork.
Your New Family
Marrying does not only include tying a knot with just one person, it brings a whole lot of new relations in the form of a “package deal”. Apart from your spouse, you have to make efforts to identify and mingle with your new extended family members. Personality differences, ethnicity and religious beliefs are just a few things that may come across as a real challenge for you. 

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