Carpool has its pros and cons, which should be considered before making any decision regarding the same. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of carpooling.

Carpool Pros And Cons

Carpooling is one of the common means of transport for many passengers, especially those who work in the same office or nearby offices. The option is especially a good idea to consider if you do not have your own vehicle and also if you do not want to experience the trouble related to traveling in public transport. However, it has both pros and cons, which should be well considered before taking any decision in this regard. Moreover, it’s a matter of personal choice and comfort as well. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of carpooling that can help you in making the decision.
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Car Pooling
  • One of the prime advantages of car pooling is that it cuts down your car related expenses considerably. Usage of car would ask for maintenance, gasoline and oil, which can be easily reduced to half or even more, depending on the number of people using carpool.
  • Car pooling helps reduce stress levels, as you can escape from driving in high-traffic situations. A drive back home can prove to be quite relaxing as you can laze out in the car.
  • Another indirect benefit of car pooling is that you will get to leave office at the same time everyday, rather than when the work finishes.
  • Commuting can often get lonely, especially on longer routes. Carpooling with colleagues or friends can be fun and relieve you from loneliness.
  • Last, but not the least, you can save a lot of fuel expense, which would otherwise prove to be a drain your pocket, monthly. 
  • It requires a lot of punctuality from your side, as in the case of car-pooling; you will be picked up at the same time everyday.
  • As there are a number of people traveling together in the car, you are prone to catch viruses easily, thereby falling ill.
  • You need at least a minimum number of people to car pool. Thus, you should know some people living in the same locality, who commute to office daily.
  • If one or two people quit, then the car pool may become difficult to work and you might have to look for other options.
  • It might be difficult to adjust with people in the car, in case they have peculiar habits such as smoking or latecomers, etc.
  • You will have to sacrifice a certain amount of independence and personal ownership of time while carpooling.
  • When carpooling with companions from the same organization, it often results in a lot of gossips, backbiting and unpleasant experience for most of the people.
  • You cannot do any errands on your way to and from work, as you will have to leave for work immediately when the person picks you up. Also, you will be unable to divert your route, since you are totally dependent on that person.
  • Any participant running late can effectively make all the other members behind time we well, since the carpool has to wait for the participant.

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