You have already spelled disaster for yourself by falling for a married man. Read on to know the pros and cons of being involved into a relationship as controversial as this one.

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Married Man

Are you dating a married man? Your friends must have already warned you enough, but all in vain, isn’t it? Are you looking for ways to muster up courage to inform your family? However, before spilling the beans of your relationship to your family, we advise you to read further. Statistics have revealed a fact which might make you go all glum and sad, but needless to say, we still recommend you to face the reality before it gets too late. Very few men have been seen to leave their family for another woman and you certainly don’t consider your cards to reign supreme all the while, do you? If you by any chance have sunk too deep into it by now, consider the pros and cons of the relationship you are in. Think about your selfish motive and about the family you are about to destroy because of your frivolous fling. Are you sure that the man you are head over heels in love with loves you truly? Remember, a man who is genuine by heart will never deceive any girl for someone else. Also, consider this, a man who is leaving someone for you can as well leave you for someone else. Browse through the article to get a detailed view of the advantages and disadvantages of getting hooked to a married man.
Advantages Of Dating A Married Man
  • One of the prime advantages of dating a married man is that while you do not look forward to any form of commitment from his end, his attitude towards you is the same. So, with the dreadful C word not posing as a hindrance in your relationship, you can simply enjoy the fruits of dating.  
  • Dating a married man is no less than an adventure and can break the monotony of your everyday life. If the fire of your existing love life has doused, discovering a new level of intimacy outside your relationship can be great. You can also try out experimenting things with the married man, which your partner is not interested in.
  • You can lead a carefree life, without the usual problem of someone continuously monitoring your life. Since the person is already busy monitoring his family life, you would, in turn, be spared of it.
  • You are in a seemingly open relationship. Since there is no commitment involved, neither of you are bound to each other legally and even emotionally for that matter. Just as he is dating you despite having a wife, so can you date another man, without bothering about hurting him!   
  • You can save a lot of money, since you don’t have to buy him gifts on every occasion. After all, his wife might get suspicious and he certainly wouldn’t want any hassle back at home. So, enjoy dating without affecting your pocket.
  • Now that your man’s wife has done and would be doing all the necessary formalities that is expected of a partner, such as taking care of the family, looking after the house or even his favorite dog, you are free bird. Why dig your own grave by doing all this? Instead spend quality time with each other.
Disadvantages Of Dating A Married Man
  • Being involved with a married man is actually a relationship with no direction. Seldom is it seen that the result is pleasing. It is bound to be damaging, heart wrenching and a serious waste of your precious time and energy. Why at all indulge in something which has no definite future? So, think twice before taking a dip into the muck.
  • Now, seriously ponder upon this thought. If the married man you are dating or planning to date has managed to cheat his wife, what makes you rest assured that he won’t be doing the same to you? What makes you think you won’t be just another pleasure seeking excuse in his hectic life?
  • Both of you would be insecure in your relationship all the while, since the commitment factor is missing. The dwindling level of trust will always be a question of worry, causing bitterness from time to time. And the basic purpose of this relationship will remain unfulfilled.  
  • When you are dating a married man, your life becomes a continuous game of hide and seek. You need to watch every step you take, every word you speak in public. A small mistake and you can cause a wreck not just to your own life, but to others as well. There is this constant fear of getting caught and with time, you tend to get tired and exasperated due to it.
  • The very thought that you are not the only one in your man’s life is enough to make your life hellish. While dating a married man, take it for granted that you can never hold the numero uno position in his life. Come what may, your man’s foremost priority would be his wife. Feelings of self-pity, dissatisfaction and even paranoia can haunt you from time to time. 
  • Quite often than not, you would be ashamed of yourself. Your conscience wouldn’t allow you to face your own self and you would lead a life of misery. Ideally, a person gets into a relationship to find solace and not get overburdened with trauma. Carefully think of what you wanted and what in turn are you getting from this fling with a married man. 

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