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Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

‘You‘ve got mail’ and 'Must love dogs’ are films which made online dating much popular. Online dating gives you more scope to understand your potential mate even before you meet in person. Online sites have columns or boxes where you have to fill your details and reveal your likes and dislikes. You can know your potential mate's zodiac sign and her/his favorite movies, music and even about his/her family and belief systems. So you will be prepared to meet him/her long before it happens in real. You can make out what kind of person he/she would be. This is the biggest advantage of online sites. The popularity of online dating is growing day by day, because it offers wide range of friends to get connected. There can be risks too; you may get a wrong guy or girl through online dating. Read on the article to know the advantages and disadvantages of online dating.
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Dating
Pros Of Online Dating
Wide Range Of Choice
  • Shy, introvert, or busy, online dating is an option for all. Online dating gives you the time and space to meet new people without actually to meet them in person, which minimizes the feeling of self-consciousness.
  • It can be really soothing to know that there are a lot of single people, looking for a loving partner which may help in increasing the confidence and relieving the solitude of a person. 
Online Dating Is Cheap
  • Online dating is relatively cheap when comparing to other dating programs. There are millions of chat rooms and online personal ad sites available on the net.
  •  The people whom you would meet through net may be serious about a quality partner. It takes just few bucks to join an online dating service and a person can date in the comfort of his/her home without spending single rupee. 
Fun Way To Know People
  • Online dating reveals a person’s true personality because these kinds of sites have boxes where you should write your hobbies, favorite music and movies and other likes and dislikes.
  • This helps you decide if you have enough in common with the girl/boy whom you are looking for. 
Cons Of One Line Dating
Fake Snaps
  • Some people can fool you by posting fake photos By looking at those flattering photos, you may get attracted but when you meet them in real life, there is high possibility for an emotional crisis.
  • Some people may be desperate to get a girlfriend/boyfriend. So there are chances for people to lie deliberately. 
  • There have been umpteen numbers of debates and discussions about the safety of the people in online dating. In some online dating sites, hackers can easily steal password and operate with your ID.
  • There are certain risk factors attached with online dating especially if you haven’t selected the right guy or girl. There are cases where cons have used online dating as methods to loot or blackmail people.  

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