Dating gets simple, sassy and all the more fun when it is online dating! Read on to explore some internet dating etiquette tips and date in style.

Internet Dating Etiquette

There was a time when we counted on a local event, close friends, or even a fair to meet our match. But now, thanks to the modern virtual world, we can find love while sitting in the comfort of our home also. The hype around online dating is huge. You can easily meet people with a similar outlook and shared interests, as you sit in front of your computer screen. All you have to do is log in to an internet-dating site. Earlier, internet was primarily used to keep in touch with long-distance family and friends. Lately, though, a lot of people have been using it to find a date. Online dating is the “in” thing now, with men and women flocking to the internet to find their "match".
Online dating websites offer the easiest and quickest way for singles to meet their match, by allowing individuals to bond over the internet. They have made affection easily accessible today, especially for those who are too shy to make an approach. However, dating is an art and internet dating can be a different ball game altogether. In a place where face-to-face dealings are almost missing, what you write and how you present yourself makes the ultimate impression. Knowing the basic internet dating etiquette can bail you out of any unwanted situation and help you snuggle your way into your partner’s heart with perfect ease. Read on for tips on how to date online.
Etiquette Tips For Online Dating
  • In the virtual world, it is your picture that does all the talking, at least initially. Always update your profile, so that it includes your latest photograph. Using an old picture, or celebrity pictures or even your friend’s picture is absolute no-no!
  • Respond to any interest in your profile within three or four days. Withholding response is considered to be bad manners. After all, people must have taken out time to reach you and it’s only polite that you get back to them.
  • If you are bombarded with interest from all sides and feel that you are unable to cope with the same, freeze your account until you settle down.
  • Keep your emails fun and cheerful. Avoid discussing issues related to politics and religion. Be courteous in your writings, but avoid being too easy, lest you are misunderstood.
  • When dating online, it is better to stick to the original you, rather than trying to convince your online partner with unbelievable stories about yourself. If you want to make an impression, just be yourself.
  • If you do not wish to carry on further association with a correspondent, do let him/her know about it. It is impolite to stop communication abruptly, without informing the person concerned. Also, never promise to call or mail a person if you don’t wish to see him/ her again.
  • Avoid using swear words as much as you can. They can douse a person’s interest in you faster than you can imagine.
  • Abstain from the temptation of discussing your ex over the internet. The last thing anyone would be interested in is your uneventful past relationships.

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