The last thing you would want in life is to get trapped in a liar’s hands. Explore the article to know more about the signs of lying.

Signs Of Lying

“Sometimes the lies you tell are less frightening than the loneliness you might feel if you stopped telling them” wrote Brock Clark. This can be the reason for people who lie to themselves and fellow people. According to history, lies and liars don’t need any introduction. They were there from the day since the man learnt speaking. Thousands of lies can’t match the strength of one truth but people think that liars win every game by their crooked mind and intelligence. Yes, you need to be an intelligent person to be a good liar who can manipulate people’s mind. Today’s liars operate from the mask of innocence, non-violence, and other moral virtues. Politicians call their lies as ‘election promises’ and the fourth estate call theirs as ‘news’. If you are an honest human being, you will feel really bad about people lying in your work place, clubs or wherever you go. Then you will want to guard against them. You can make out whether a person is telling the truth or not by observing some signs in his/her body language and speech. Read on the article to know more about the signs of lying.
Various Signs Of Lying 
  • Unusual body language is the most noticeable sign of lying. You can make out whether a person is telling truth or lie by observing his/her body language. If you notice closely, you would find liar’s body becoming too stiff because of the lack of comfort level one feels when one lies. There will be a change in his/her breathing pattern. You can see the big strain on his/her face when he/she tries to delivers a lie. You can also observe the unusual postural shifts in a liar’s body.
  • Some liars don’t make eye contacts while delivering a lie because they think that listener can sense it by observing his eye movements. Only a few inexperienced liars have the problem with eye contacts. Others can easily tell lies making good eye contact with the listener. There are also a few liars who make excessive eye contacts with the listener.
  • The liar speaks with full of unusual and disturbing pauses. He/she knows that he/she is telling a lie and he/she has to derive answers for his/her fake stories or rumors. Making up a story and making it very realistic takes much time even for ‘veteran’ liar. He/she may take a few seconds to answer some tricky question by the listener. Thus, you can watch out for unusual breaks in a liar’s speech.
  • Liars usually can’t control their body movements when they are doing their job because they are aware of the fact that they are lying. When we are aware that we are lying, our subconscious mind will force us to not to do so. This act of subconscious mind will disturb our lying process and we tend to overcome it by doing some physical gestures. Liars thus cover their face when they are lying, as a defence mechanism.

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