Intellectual compatibility highly affects the success of a relationship. Read on to know how to test intellectual compatibility in a relationship & explore the reason behind incompatibility, if any.

Intellectual Compatibility

Compatibility can be defined as being “able to exist and perform in harmonious or agreeable combination”. There are five areas of relationship compatibility, namely spiritual compatibility, social compatibility, emotional compatibility, intellectual compatibility and physical compatibility. Every person is different and thus, there will be a few differences between you and your partner in almost all the area of compatibility. However, it is when the differences become too much that there is a reason to worry. Intellectual compatibility deals with building common blocks of love, respect and trust for one another. Also, it includes common interests that attract two people towards each other, the absence of which can drive them apart. Read through the following lines to know ways to test intellectual compatibility in your relationship.
How To Test Intellectual Compatibility In A Relationship
Intellectual compatibility tests are conducted to know if two persons are soul mates and can live together without too many arguments or fights. It tests whether both the partners feel the same about the important things in life and are able to talk and listen to each other for hours at stretch. The purpose of intellectual compatibility test is to find out the percentage of agreements between two people, on the basic issues of life, such as eating habits, sports, sexual preferences, how to raise children, friends, vacations, and so on. The test will cover the following questions:
  • Do we have a similar level of knowledge and education?
  • Are we able to easily understand each other?
  • Is there a willingness and readiness to communicate?
  • Does our IQ level and general mental ability match up each other?
  • Is the level of agreements versus disagreements more than vice-versa?
If the answers to the above questions are mostly in the affirmative, you and your partner have good intellectual compatibility. Otherwise, you need to look over the relationship once again. You can also enquire one another about educational background. People completing school or university in the same field would communicate and understand each other much easily. Professional knowledge can also play a major role in intellectual compatibility, but is not always necessary.
Reasons for Intellectual Incompatibility
Speed of Understanding
Based on a person’s mind ability, he is able to interpret and understand what he hears or reads. Two people can differentiate in the ability of their minds while communicating with each other. This can lead to intellectual incompatibility between them, especially if they are partners.
Amount of Knowledge
People from deeply different educational backgrounds often have difficulty in getting compatible with one another. If you communicate on a subject that your partner does not know much about, it will lead to misunderstandings and even emotional stress between both of you. If the compatibility gap varies vastly between both of you, you will feel inadequate to one another and will start suffering from intellectual incompatibility.
Similarity of Opinions
It is also possible that objects such as parents, friends, emotional preferences, etc. cause substantial intellectual incompatibilities between you and your partner. Any disagreement occurring between you both should be dealt separately, to know its origin, which can be related to school, books, other education, parents, and friends and so on.

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