The death of your beloved must have driven you through hell. Explore the article to know more about how to cope with the death of your beloved.

How To Cope With Death Of Your Beloved

Death is as natural a phenomenon as birth but it is people’s perception of death, which sinks them into the depths of depression and sadness when a beloved dies. Death is the inevitable truth of our life and we must prepare ourselves to accept death as a part of our life. Certain art of living programs teach us that life is a celebration and the celebration doesn’t stop even when one dies. Ancient Indian and Buddhist philosophy states that one doesn’t die when he/she loses their body. Almost all the religions claim that the soul is immortal. It is very difficult to cope with the death of your beloved but you must make the adjustments to live without the physical presence of that person. Read on the article to get ideas on how to cope with the death of your beloved.
Coping With The Death Of Your Beloved 
  • Death of someone who is close to you is hard to accept. Especially, it’s difficult to cope up with the death of a child. Religious people accept the death more easily than atheist people do. If you are not very religious, try to learn about death by going through books and other sources. This experience will make you think that you are not the only person who got exposed to such a situation.
  • You should try to understand the psychological stages of grief. There are almost four stages in grief. Denials, Anger, bargaining, and depression. Denial is the first reaction of a person who gets horrible news of death. He/she would be angry after that stage and will be thinking why god chose them for this kind of a crisis. After this stage, the person will be thinking about every possibility for his/her beloved’s escape from death attached with the word ‘if’. For example, ‘if I had a little more time, it wouldn’t have happened’.
  • Depression is the final and last longing reaction of the affected person. You should take very special care if you want to recover from depression stage. The problem is that you won’t even know that there is some problem with you. You may think of it as a natural reaction after the absence of your beloved person in life. You can take counseling and therapies for recovering from depression. If you don’t know about a therapy or counseling centre, you can browse in internet and it will give you all the information which you want.
  • Approaching a support group is also a better option for coping up with the death of a beloved. In support groups, you will get to know a lot of people with same kind of problems. If a good psychologist is there to conduct the support groups programs, then it will have a multiplier effect.
  • Self help books and philosophical books will be of great help in this kind of situation. There are such philosophies such as ‘Spiritism’, which say that there is nothing to fear about death because in death, the spirit merely gets detached from the body and goes back to its source. According to ‘Spiritism’, Spirits have no limitation and thus the dead person’s spirit can see his/her family crying for him/her. He/she may want them to be happy at that time. Therefore, the theory of ‘Spiritism’ says that you should forget the death and move on in life.
  • You can do some charitable work to block the sad and negative emotions. You can go out for a movie or for an outing to overcome depression . It is important to keep away from negative emotions . You can go to your friends’ homes and thus try to fill your life again with liveliness.

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