Dumping is easy but recycling is eco friendly. Explore the article below for tips on recycling your computer.

How To Recycle Your Computer

What to do with a computer that you have squeezed like a sugarcane? After utilizing every bit and byte that it can offer, you are on the process of getting a new one, while consigning the old to the dumpyard. Simple indeed; but here a problem arises. The efficiency of your computer is propelled by messy and harmful stuffs, like toxic chemicals, carcinogens and heavy metal, that can play havoc on the environment, when disposed off without any control. So, it is very important that we take extra measures while dumping our latest gizmos that have lost their luster. In a world that is wired up, a life without a computer is enough to throw us into the middle ages. Picture yourself without a computer, trying to sort out your work (office and home) and you will sympathize with your forefathers. However, with the technology advancing day by day, the number of outdated computers is also increasing proportionally, which forms a major segment of the overall electronic waste output.  Recycling is a smart and effective way of avoiding this. For most people, the process comprises of just the trouble that they take to throw their computer into the garbage. However, recycling is much more. Want to know how to recycle your computer, check out the tips given in the lines that follow.
Recycling Your Computer
  • Many companies offer their customers the chance to return their old computers back for free, which they will then recycle. Contact the manufacturer of your computer and find out if he is ready to take back your computer. In most cases, he will take it back, since an obsolete computer is rich in secondary raw materials.
  • Another way to recycle your computer is to get in touch with recycling companies. There are many companies that specialize in recycling. Find out if there is any such in your area. If there is not, you can send your PC to such companies for free. Remember that any trouble you take will be worth it, as you will be contributing towards a healthy and safe environment.
  • You may feel that your computer is outdated and you do not require it. However, it does not mean that there is none who can’t utilize it. Donate it to charity and store up on all the goodwill that you will get from this gesture.
  • When you feel that your computer is outdated, don’t go and buy a new oneimmediately. Try to upgrade it as much as possible. The option of upgrading a computer, though a little expensive, is surely viable.
  • Be a collector. Keep your computer as a keepsake. Who knows, the model that you are holding now may be one of its kind a decade later. Keep the computer so that twenty to thirty years from now you can wonder how antique the technology was, when you were young. If your computer is sufficiently old, you can even find some genuine collectors who may fork out a decent sum for it.

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