Recycling your old furniture into something useful prevents it from producing harmful gases and toxic substances. Read the article to know some tips on how to recycle furniture.

How To Recycle Furniture

Have some old furniture that you want to get rid of? Looking for ways to recycle your used furniture? Well, do not haul your furniture to the landfill. Pilling up garbage in landfills will require more landfills to be built. This would call for more wastage of land, thus making more areas prone to health hazards that come from landfills. Recycling your furniture would surely prevent wood, fabric and foam waste from getting decomposed, producing greenhouse gases and leeching toxic substances into soil and water. By recycling your old furniture, you will also be reusing natural resources including wood, cotton and petroleum-based products. Recycling furniture would also save forests and other endangered areas from being mowed down to get the raw materials. In case you are not clear about exactly how to recycle old furniture, read through the following lines and get useful tips on the same.
Recycling Your Old Furniture
Repurpose It
Turn your creative eye round the house and find a place where you can relocate the old furniture, rather than getting rid of it. Spend some time brainstorming and think about repainting or reworking on it, to suit your current needs and tastes.
Donate It
Donate your old furniture to a thrift store, domestic abuse shelter, old age home, orphanage or another non-profit organization. By doing so, your furniture will be able to find new life in a new home.
Scrap It
Furniture made from steel and aluminum can be sold for scrap, while plastic furniture can be melted down and reused.
Sell It
You can list your furniture in the classifieds and sell it. You can also sell it in a yard sale or consign it. In case your furniture is in a good condition, you can convert it into good amount of cash.
Reupholster It
Give your upholstered furniture a makeover by sprucing it up with new fabric or cushions. With a little nip and tuck and slight configuration, you will be able to get an entirely renewed piece of furniture. In case you are adventurous, remove the old fabric and use it as a pattern to cut and sew new fabric. You can also get replacement fabric from a local fabric store.
Retask It
Reuse your furniture parts for making new things in your home. Remove the nails from the wood and reuse the scrap wood in projects like headboard, new legs for a chair or a shim (wedge) under the wobbly table. Use the fabric to patch jeans or shirts, or make a new skirt. The fabric and foam can also be used in various crafts, such as doll furniture, valence, window seat cushion, quilt, dog bed, etc.
Give To Family
Check out if someone in your immediate family or relations requires furniture. Ask if they can use your old furniture and give it to them. You will be surprised to see them using it happily.
Ask Friends
Ask your friends in case they require your used old furniture. It is likely possible that they might have a spare room or family room where they can place your furniture and use it.

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