The importance of recycling is slowly being realized in the entire world. To know why is recycling important and good, read on.

Why Is Recycling Important

Recycling is the process wherein the used materials, usually considered as waste, are collected and then reprocessed. This implies that the basic elements of an old product are used as raw material to prepare a fresh and new item. It leads to extending the life and usefulness of a product that has already served its initial purpose, by converting it into a useful product. Thus, it should be understood that recycling does not mean re-usage of an old commodity. For instance some of the common products which are recycled are plastic, glass, paper, batteries, aluminum etc. Though people do not understand the importance of recycling, the process has manifold benefits, which can have far reaching effects on the betterment of environment. To know why is recycling important and good for us, read on.
Importance of Recycling 
  • Recycling is important as it helps in lessening the non-biodegradable waste, which takes time to decompose and affects the natural environment negatively and hence, is a good step to save earth.
  • The process helps in reducing the pollution caused by waste. Rubbish releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses, which is not good for the environment.
  • Recycling brings down the need for raw materials like paper, which in turn helps in preserving the rainforests. Deforestation causes habitat destruction and global warming, which can be reduced by recycling.
  • Products made from recycled materials are less expensive than products made from fresh materials. However, there is no compromise on the quality of such products.
  • Recycling requires much less energy in the production of new products, as compared to that required in fresh manufacturing. Thus, recycling helps in preserving natural resources.
  • The process relieves the burden on land, as it helps in clearing the spaces that would otherwise be filled by the waste. Hence, our environment will always be thankful to us for recycling products.
  • The preparation of new products from raw materials has quite a high cost, as compared to making them from recycled products. Therefore, recycling helps in reducing the financial expenditure in the economy.
  • By resorting to recycling, it is easy to preserve natural resources for future generations.
  • Recycling works against the depletion of ozone layer that surrounds our earth, thereby preserving it. 
Re-use At Home
While we cannot exactly make new products at home, from the old ones, we can surely use the latter for other purposes, once their initial purpose has been solved. This will help us save the resources and our earth to quite an extent. Involve your family members in the process as well and even teach children about the benefits of recycling at an early stage. 
  • Re-use polybags as many times as you can.
  • The left out pages of a copy or register can be used in making memos or notepads.
  • Old jeans can be made into fancy carry bags or letter folders and decorated with buttons from waste dress.
  • Pillow covers can be used to make wall hangings or to make shoe bags, for your expensive shoes.
  • The candle wax that is left at the end can be recycled as well. Put all the leftover wax in a pot and heat it, by keeping the pot in a bowl of boiling water. Add color to the melted wax and keep a wick in it. Let it stand for some time and your new candle is ready.
  • You can even make a perfumed candle out of the leftover wax and decorate it as per your creativity.

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