In this article, we have listed various ways and solutions for stopping deforestation. Read on and learn how to stop deforestation.

How To Stop Deforestation

Trees and plants are one of the best gifts that God has given to mankind. By consuming carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen, they make the earth a place worth living. Apart from that, they also provide us with food, in the form of fruits and vegetables. Trees and plants make the land fertile, by holding on to the top, rich soil. At the same time, they augment the arrival of monsoon and rains. However, the increasing population of the world has threatened the existence of trees. More and more of them are being cut, either for wood or to make way for houses or other structures. It is our responsibility to stop the deforestation taking place. If you are also looking for ways to stop deforestation, this is just the place for you. Read on and get solutions for the problem.
How to Stop Deforestation
  • Raise awareness about the potential hazards that will accrue if deforestation continues unabated. Whenever in a group, converse on this topic and let people know.
  • Send e-mails to your friends and acquaintances, telling them about the practice of deforestation and its harmful effects. Ask them to forward it to others, to make everyone aware of the problem.
  • Make placards saying ‘Plant More Trees’, ‘Do Not Waste Paper’, ‘Stop Cutting Trees’, and the like. Try to get them placed at venues like the neighboring community, schools, colleges, restaurants, etc.
  • Do not waste paper at all. Instead, try to recycle paper as much as you can. Try to imbibe the same sense in those around you, including your parents, children, siblings, friends, and so on.
  • Plant as many trees as possible. You can enlist the help of those around you and plant trees in the public places, like parks, gardens, play areas, etc. If possible, plant some of them in your house too.
  • Make notes against deforestation and stick them on your desk in the office or pin it on the notice board in your school. This way, you will make people realize how important it is to stop deforestation.
  • If possible, try to arrange conferences and meeting to enlist support, of even strangers, for the cause. You can also get a local celebrity to tell people why and how to stop deforestation.
  • Try to convince the local counselor to introduce the idea of implementing legislations in parliament, which would prevent the continued practice of deforestation.

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