Worrying is a normal human behavior, but too much worrying is not. Read this article to learn exercises & ways which guide you how to stop worrying.

How To Stop Worrying

 To worry is a normal human behavior. Every individual – be it a child or an adult – worries over a variety of issues on a daily basis. A child may worry about examination result, a housewife may worry about how to manage family on a shoestring budget, a man may worry about his career and so on. Little bit of anxiety is actually believed to be healthy especially incase of matters that are important. But too much worrying, that too needlessly over trivial issues can take an adverse toll on one’s quality of life. So it is important that one knows how to stop worrying needlessly. Read to learn how.
Ways to Stop Worrying
  • Jot down in a diary what are the issues that have been worrying you. Include even your imagined worst case scenarios.
  • Now plan out how you would handle the situation incase your unpleasant hunch came true.
  • Next undertake some productive action to modify the situation for the better if that is possible. When the threat lessens, your fears too will reduce naturally.
  • Analyze the worrisome thoughts still lingering in your mind, which you feel you cannot do anything about. Recognize which of your thoughts are unnecessary and have little to do with reality.
  • Take each of these worrisome thoughts and write down an alternative thought that is more realistic, as a believable challenge to the worry.
  • Whenever you begin to worry again, remind yourself of the alternative thought.
  • Practice yoga, meditation and other forms of exercise known to relax and calm down the mind. Do these exercises religiously on a daily basis.
  • Try coming to terms with problems you cannot solve nor have any power over. Read inspirational books by famous writers, especially those that are based on true-life incidents.  
Exercises to Combat Worrying
Relaxation Exercise
If you are always on the run and find little time for exercising, then try doing this simple relaxation exercise. All you have to do is lie down straight on the bed or on a mat on the floor. Keep your body relaxed and still. Now imagine tension moving out and down your body muscles. Imagine that all your tension has finally escaped out of your body through your feet and into the ground. This relaxation technique requires just few minutes and brings about instant sense of well-bring.
Practice of Walking Meditation
Walking meditation is a very significant form of exercise for achieving mental clarity and health. All you have to do is walk in a relaxed manner in your garden, park or other such place. Just focus your attention on each foot as it touches the ground. Refocus your attention incase your mind drifts away from your feet, or the feeling of your body walking. Do not look around. Just keep your sight focused on the path in front of you to deepen your concentration. 
Yoga is well-known antidote for everyday stress and worries. Since time immemorial the Indian sages have been practicing Yoga to attain control over one’s physical and mental health. Not just lessening the level of stress, yoga is known to have widespread positive fallouts on its regular practitioner. So get yourself a good guidebook on yoga or attend yoga classes to learn this art.

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