Stopping telemarketers from calling requires you to follow certain simple steps. Go through the article to know more on how to stop telemarketers.

How To Stop Telemarketers

Are you tired of receiving calls from telemarketers? Do you want to get rid of them? Almost all of us have experienced this - in an important meeting or a conference, your phone rings and you pick it up, only to realize that it is someone calling up to sell a credit card. And how many times has it happened that you are expecting an important call, but someone called up to sell an insurance policy. Calls from telemarketers are irritating, annoying as well as frustrating. However, you do not need to get irked about them, as stopping these unwanted calls is an easy process. In the following lines, we provide information on how to stop telemarketers from calling you.
How To Stop Telemarketing Calls 
  • The first thing that you would require to bring an end to all those unwanted calls is a caller ID phone.
  • If your phone does not have a caller ID service, call your phone operator and ask him to install caller ID service in your phone. This would enable you to know the person calling you even before you pick up the phone. You can avoid the unknown numbers altogether.
  • Remember, you should not argue with the telemarketer. You must realize that telemarketers have scripted response for anything you say or ask. It is better to listen to them.
  • If you disconnect the phone as soon as you hear a telemarketer's voice, be sure you would receive his/her call again. To stop them from calling you, you have to speak to them.
  • Even if after rejecting the telemarketers' calls, they do not stop, register your number in NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry. Know more about it by calling on the customer care number of your service provider.
NDNC (National Do Not Call registry)
The National Do Not Call registry allows a person to curtail all his/her unwanted calls. The telephone subscribers who do not wish to be called by telemarketers need to register their mobile, home or office number with the registry. In this NDNC, all the telemarketing companies are also registered. It is compulsory for the companies to delete the registered numbers from their calling list, once it is registered with NDNC. If the registered person receives any calls from the telemarketers, a fine of Rs 500 would be charged per call. The defaulting telemarketers might also face disconnection of their telecom service.
Do-Not-Call List (DNCL)
If you are wondering what is a do not call list (NNCL), it is a list that was started by United States and later on, adopted by India as well. It is a national server-based solution, which integrates into the operator's existing infrastructure footprint, automatically blocking the telemarketer's call to a registered number. Once a person is registered under this, he/she would not receive any further calls from the telemarketers. On the part of the telemarketers, they have to adhere to the norms set out by DoT on Unsolicited Commercial Communications or face penalty and other legal actions as well.

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