A proper eye contact with women depicts a lot about you. Read this article to know the importance of making a proper eye contact with them.

Proper Eye Contact With Women

Eyes are the mirror to what kind of person you really are; an eye contact with anyone can make or break your impression on him/her. A proper eye contact serves as an introduction and opportunity for more interactions, if both of you desire it. It becomes even more crucial when you are trying to approach a girl by establishing an eye contact. They are simply crazy about eyes and can see through you. An eye contact with a woman will tell her in what way you like her and the level of desire you have for her so you have to focus on certain aspects when making an eye contact with them. Scroll down to know how to make proper eye contact with women.
How To Make Eye Contact With Women
Look Straight - For women, eye contact is a signal to the trustworthiness and a genuine interest, so make as much eye contacts as possible. It will hint her about your liking for her and the amount of interest you are showing to approach her. By looking into her eyes, you not only tell her about your feelings but you will also know if she is throwing the same hints.
Show Confidence - If you are getting positive response, look straight into her eyes but make sure not to stare for too long. If she stares back, don’t shift your gaze abruptly to your shoes or floor. It can be interpreted as ‘I am dishonest’ or ‘just not interested’. Exude confidence in your approach and don’t shy away. Of course, you have more chances to win her trust if you are a confident and appealing person.
Don’t Stare For Too Long - Too much eye contact is as bad as too little.Don’t keep your gaze fixed to the woman without blinking, it will give a very wrong signal about you and turn her off. Your constant scanning of her can make her feel humiliated and embarrassed and she might take you as a stalker. A proper eye contact with women signals that the person is honest, interested and can be trusted which are all the basic qualities that women seek in their partners.

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