What to look for in a man? Every woman has her own answer to this vague question. However, here are some general traits & qualities that all the women look for in a man.

What to Look For in a Man

‘What to look for in a man’? Answer to this question definitely seems to be unanswerable and more so because every woman has her own reply. If asked in a group, this question can bring different opinions and suggestions. On the whole, the answer varies from woman to woman, as to what is her choice, preference and what kind of traits in a man can make her go weak at the knees. If you want to know what most of the women look for in man, we have the answer for you. Here are given certain intrinsic characteristics that women usually look for in a man.
Must Have a Purpose
Such trait shows a man’s strong will and strength. Infact, it also depicts his degree of commitment, when it is about getting into a relationship. Nearly all women seek this trait in a man because according to them, this shows his attitude and approach towards the relationship.
Must Be Healthy and Strong
A very general opinion is that women always like men who are healthy and strong. It is regarding both physique and emotional framework. Rationales could range from a vigorous sex life to bearing a child. A healthy body always goes a long way.
Must Be Protective
Women usually want to see their male as protective. Reasons could vary from being providing security as a good husband to being protective as a loving father. Keeping such things in mind, a woman always prefers a man who has a protective nature.
Have Confidence in One's Self
It’s a big determinant while choosing, a man because a confident man is regarded to have guts of surviving in severe and trying conditions. It also shows the mental framework of the man. Body language of the man also plays a vital role. A positive body language works great to attract any woman’s attention.
Must Be His Real Self
Every woman searches for a sense of novelty in a man which depicts his presence of mind. Life is not a farce and one needs to be practical to understand real life, which is altogether different from reel life. Thus, it is always better that he shows his own self and reveals his natural conduct to a female.
Must Have Sense of Caring
Any man can capture the attention of women by showing a sense of caring. Usually a woman has the tendency to feel that her man can do anything for her. For this, man is not required to spend lots of money, but show her that he really cares for her. Even the small gestures like cooking a meal for her in the evening say a lot.
Must Be Funny and Witty
Some women also seek a sense of wit and humor in their man. Consequently, a witty conversation with a woman, along with a few jokes, can definitely work to impress her. At the same time, he must have the ability to laugh at himself.

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