Love knot is an ancient symbol to represent perpetual love between two lovers. Know more about Celtic love knot symbols.

Love Knot

Truly said “Love seeks no bounds.” When you say ‘I Love You’ to your beloved, you try to put your life in those three words. From the distant past to nowadays, the expression of love has been different and moreover, it has evolved with the times. The Dutch sailors might have never imagined that their concept of love knot, made to remind them of their loved ones, would become a trend-setter for the future lovers. 
Love Knot represents two bonded lovers, with its two intertwining overhand knots. Celtic love knots have been in fashion from the Arabian times. Exchange of love knots between the lovers used to be the mark of admitting one’s feelings. Similar to the true love, the simplicity of Love Knot is enigmatic, since this knot is tricky to tie properly. In basic terms, this valentine symbol has no beginning and no ending, resembling the eternal love.
Today also, lovers present love knots - a sign of everlasting love, to their beloveds, for expressing their love. Nobody knows the authentic knot designs that were crafted initially, though repeated looping of the designs implies perpetuity and interrelation. In fact, Middleman's knot, Fisherman's knot and Shamrock knot are the different names given to the love knot. Whatever is their design or symbol, the point to be noted is that these knots are a representation of pure love.
Celtic Love Knot Symbols 
Celtic Oval / Spiral
This simplest form of love knot denotes eternity and continuity of life. Dating back to 2500 BCE, Celtic Spiral was made by the early generations of Celtics in Europe, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
Celtic Triple Drop
This three-sided knot embodies the three forces of nature - Earth, Fire and Water. One continuous line represents unity, strength, and fullness of spirit & being.
Celtic Round
This knot was discovered on stone crosses in Eastern Ireland. Any similar circle designs in love knots symbolize self completeness. Admired by ancient Celts, its outer shape indicates the sun's orb and three interlocked spiral knots correspond to Earth, Fire and Water.
Celtic Square
In this symbol, the single continuous line of knot embodies love and loyalty. Believed to be of Scottish origin, this design is a fraction of what is called the Celtic Love Knot.
Celtic Four
Considered to be a sign of good fortune, this design has four distinct interlocking circles that represents each season. Around the edge, there are double lines which signify love or friendship amongst two persons.
Serpent Knot
Taken from the Book of Kells, the design of Serpent Knot has intricate patterns that stand for the continuity of eternal life.

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