A behavioral disorder, love addiction is unhealthy like any other form of addiction. Learn if you are addicted to your partner and know about love addict relationships.

Are you Addicted to Love?

Love is all consuming and all sustaining and makes you experience some of the most magical moments in your life. But, when love is so overwhelming that you lose your identity and sense of self without being in a relationship, love gets highly sordid and dangerous. Such is the case with a ‘love addict’. Such a person is highly addictive to the whole concept of being in love. When in a relationship, such a person remains completely obsessed with his / her romantic companion. Because of the glorification of love in various movies, sitcoms and romantic novels, ‘love addiction’ might sound quite fascinating to some people. But, in reality, it is as pathological as any other from of obsession.
A love addict often resorts to violence or other precarious means to hold back their love. They believe that the meaning of life is nullified without the presence of a partner, or without being in a relationship. They might also be suicidal if a relationship doesn’t work out. Sometimes their frustration might lead them to indulge in a new relationship or even unhealthy sexual liaisons. Thus, a love addict’s desire for a relationship can never be quenched. More than with their partner, they are in love with the relationship itself. Thus, such form of fanatic love should never be confused with true love. True love is selfless and positive, whereas such a form of obsessive love is selfish and destructive.
Signs of a Love Addict
Are you or your partner addicted to love? Read the following signs to know how to distinguish a ‘love addict’.
  • A love addict is excessively attracted to his partner and idolizes him.
  • His talks always revolve around his partner or his partner’s activities.
  • A love addict dwells in a fantasy world with his partner.
  • Such a person feels complete only when in a relationship.
  • He is in constant fear of being abandoned/ rejected by his partner.
  • Highly insecure about the relationship and therefore remains depressed.
  • He is generally not very attached to his parents and family.
  • Generally a love addict is highly unpredictable and moody.
  • A love addict also fears of being controlled in the relationship.
  • A love addict loves to have power over relationships/ persons.
  • He gets suicidal when a relationship doesn’t work out.
  • He might also abruptly switch to a new relationship after a break-up.
  • A love addict fails to demarcate between ’love’ and ‘sex’.
  • He is highly manipulative and uses sex to control his partner.
  • A love addict normally avoids problems inside/ outside the relationship.
Thus, we see that a love addict is not someone with whom you can share a blissful bond. If, you are sadly suck in the quagmire of such a relationship, its time that you break the chokeholds. Seek professional help if you feel your partner deserves a chance. Otherwise, boldly walk out of the person’s life. After all, you deserve more from life, other than struggling with someone’s eccentricity.

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