Funny conversation starters help to break the ice between two people from the very first go upon meeting. So read to get some easy tips on funny conversation starters for every situation.

Funny Conversation Starters For Every Situation

Every person loves to have a good laugh because it acts like a natural unwinding therapy for their day-to-day tensions and travails. And this is the very reason why people who are generally cheerful and casually bantering around in a playful, but harmless manner are so very liked by everyone. But while few people are naturally gifted with the art of talking funny, it’s not very difficult for others too to mould themselves the same way to some extent. Funny conversation starters are, therefore, something you can slowly train yourself in.
Funny conversation starters are important because they play a major role in breaking the ice at the very first go when you meet somebody. If you get this art right, you will find that the conversation with the person will continue in the same vein from thereon – i.e. light and playfully lively. The trick is to be genuinely interested in knowing about the other person whether it’s a friend, colleague, relative or anyone else and therefore incorporate questions that will indicate that you are really concerned about the other’s well-being, but without seeming nosy.   
Examples of Some Wonderful Funny Conversation Starters 
  • Talk about something funny that happened to you. It will be more interesting for the other person to hear especially if the incident has happened the very same day or at least a couple of days before. You will sound modest, which is a good thing.
  • Children are always up to some kind of prank and thus, offer loads to talk about. So you could even begin by talking about something hilariously funny they did or spoke. Also do remember to inquire after the kids of the person you are conversing with, if he /she have any.
  • If you have been invited to a party, then you can buy a funny card for the host. Include others too in the harmless joke by making them sign on it. What all have written will give plenty fun things to talk and laugh about.
  • If you have recently been out holidaying somewhere, then share your lovely experiences and even mishaps with others. They might be tempted to share their own experiences of the same place with you. 
  • Talk to people about their pet gripes as most are only too happy to yap about these. However, do this in a humorous way so that you do not sound like a grumbler but one who can find a funny side in everything.  
  • A lot of people like to dine out and try out exotic cuisines. So when you talk about some worst food combination you recently had, then chances are people will love to listen and proffer some experiences of their own.
  • Talk about your future plans and the other person’s too. Almost all of us have some plans / idea of what we want to do in the coming six months or so. This could be anything like learning to drive, taking dance and aerobic classes and so on.

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