If you’re the kind of person who is not too good at conversations, help for you has finally arrived. Read your way through this article to gain access to interesting topics of conversation.

Interesting Topics To Discuss

You’re at a party; it’s a social do of sorts. However, you notice that you are not feeling at home at the party. Something surely is amiss. After thorough introspection, you realize that it’s the lack of a stimulating conversation with another person at the gathering that has put you in the spot of bother. You however are not adept at starting conversations and definitely not skillful at keeping them going. You are at your wits end and soon leave the party feeling a tad too miserable. Does the just mentioned turn of events sound familiar to you? Does it ring a rusted bell in your head? If it sure does, you definitely need filtered help on topics and what it takes to start off and keep a conversation going with another individual. Go right on ahead and read on to discover for yourself a list of topics that can help you start conversations and keep the same going great. The successes of these topics, however, depend on your personal charm, your sense of delivery and your natural abilities with words.

Interesting Topics Of Conversation
The following is a breakdown of topics of conversations or questions that you can have with or ask women alone, men alone and both women and men together.

Interesting Topics To Discuss With A Woman
  • Do you believe in love marriages or would you rather go in for an arranged marriage?
  • What’s your take on one-night stands? Do you think a woman can find love that way?
  • Do you know what your name means? Do you believe the turn of events in your life correspond with the meaning of your name?
  • Fashion! Talk about fashion with a woman and you are most likely to have a friend for life right there. This is mostly because most woman love fashion and love to be around people who talk about it and are fashionable themselves.
  • What’s your favorite cuisine or are you like me still struggling to decide between your favorite cuisines?
  • Who is that one actress you look up too? Or, who is that one actress you would like to trade places with?
  • Have you found love yet or are you still hunting for the same? (This one’s a personal question, so refrain from asking someone this until you are sure they’ll be comfortable with the probe)
  • Do you love to cook or would you rather just put together what is the easiest to put together?
Interesting Topics To Discuss With A Man
  • Sports! If women love fashion, then most men love sports. Start off a conversation about sports with a man and you are guaranteed to have a friend for life.
  • What is that one thing that you have always wanted to do, but have been scared to try or have never found the time to?
  • Alcohol! If you know that a man loves to drink, throw at him a few questions about his favorite poison and before you know it, you mostly would have started off a full-fledged conversation.
  • Talk about fashion. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just women who are fond of fashion; men too are equally fond of fashion and would love to engage themselves with conversations on the same.
  • Name that one person who has influenced you the most in life? Would you consider yourself successful if you lead your life just like the person who inspired you did his or hers?
  • What kind of music are you into? Do you like house, hip-hop, trance, progressive metal, fusion, etc.?
  • Talk about movies. Men love movies, women do too, but sometimes men are just more passionate about their movies, especially ones on war and life in general.
  • Fitness! Most men are into fitness. If a man looks fit or looks like he loves lifting weights, by talking to him about fitness, you are only increasing your chances of having an interesting conversation with him.
Interesting Topics To Discuss With Both Men And Women/Friends
  • Sometimes it’s good to be old-fashioned and predictable, especially if there’s nothing much to talk about. Here, you can simply to choose to talk about the weather or the political scenario in your country. Crib about it or just explain why you think it’s as good or as bad as it is. You’re sure to have an interesting conversation on your hands with this one.
  • Do you believe in marriage or would you rather opt for a live-in relationship with the person you love the most?
  • What is your dream job? Is it easy for you to get to do what you love, or would you take it easy on yourself and learn to love what you do?
  • What is the most spontaneous thing that you’ve done lately? Did it get you all fired up or were you left disappointed?
  • What is your favorite destination? Have you already been there or are you still in the process of making the trip to your destination of choice?
  • Apart from the topics above, you can mix and match unique combinations of the topics that are to be bought about only amongst women or only amongst women.

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