Teenage alcohol drinking is a problem found raising its ugly head not only in the western countries, but in India too. It’s the need of the hour to spread awareness about teen drinking effects.

Teenage Drinking

Alcohol consumption has always been associated with various types of risks and dangers. Not only is there is a risk of a drinker turning into an alcoholic, he is also more likely to suffer from a number of other problems like cancer, liver cirrhosis, stroke and even birth defects. However, a problem that has been noticed to be raising its ugly head, in relation to alcohol consumption, is that of teenage drinking. More and more teenagers, in the age of group of 13 to 20, are turning towards alcohol and in the process, creating a dangerous future for themselves.
Teen Drinking India
Earlier thought to be a western phenomenon, teen drinking is slowly being noticed in India also. Infact, alcohol consumption in the country has been found to be on the rise, especially with the opening up of the society. Many-a-times, it has been seen that it is the parents, mainly father, who introduce their children to alcohol at a very early age. Their main argument is that through this, they are trying to educate their children about alcohol. At the same time, they feel that of they say no to drinking by their kids, the kids will end up drinking much more with their friends.
Though the point of view of parents is acceptable or justified to some extent, it is not the solution to the problem of alcoholism. There have been many instances where people, who were introduced to alcohol by their parents in teenage, have ended up being addicts. Counselors and psychological have suggested that instead of introducing kids to alcohol, parents should try to involve them in other adventure activities, like adventure sports, which gives them a high. In case they do allow their kids to taste a drink, it should not be before 18 and after inculcating a sense of responsibility in them. The rest, only time will tell!
Effects of Teenage Drinking 
  • Use of alcohol by teenagers can lead to learning problems. This is because the brain and body of teens are still in a developing stage and alcohol can interfere with their mental as well as physical growth.
  • Studies have revealed that people who start drinking in their teenage, especially before 15 years of age, are five times more likely, than those who start drinking after 20, to turn into alcoholics.
  • There is scientific evidence to prove that even if moderate amount of alcohol is consumed in late childhood and teenage, the result might be permanent brain damage.
  • Girls who start drinking before 16 years of age have been found to be at a four-time greater risk, than teetotalers, to suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • Those who start drinking in their teenage years have been seen to score quite less on vocabulary, visual-spatial, and memory tests, as compared to their peers who do not drink.
  • Studies have also revealed that poor performance in schools is linked with teenage drinking.
  • Psychological distress and serious behavioral problems have been found to be associated with teenage drinkers.
  • People who start drinking in their adolescent years have been found to be more at risk of developing attention-deficit disorder.

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