Gay dating trend has caught on in India these days, especially with the mushrooming of online social networking sites.

Gay Dating Trend In India

Gone are those days when men holding hands used to raise eyebrows in India. Today, men walking hand in hand, or with hands in each other’s back pockets is regarded as a very normal phenomenon, especially in the metro cites of the country. Though the smaller cities have not become so open-minded till date, the day is not far behind when we will see gay dating clubs in the remotest parts of India. People are now openly displaying their sexual preferences and no more seem to fear ostracizing by the society. They have accepted the way they are and want others to do the same. Largely accepting the concept of homosexuality, various associations have now started attracting gay tourists from across the world by promoting India as an open destination.
Though the gay dating trend in India was being noticed quite sometime back only, it has totally come out of the closet today. In fact, in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai especially, nobody will give you a second look if you are a gay. Rather, they have now become hubs of the modern gay culture, all thanks to the urban outlook and acceptance of people’s love towards the same sex. A number of men in the glamour industry are gay and are flaunting it without any qualms. The western influences have played a considerable role in opening up the society and encouraging people to accept themselves as well as others just as they are.
Gay Dating Social Networks in India
Just like any other individual, gays also need places and forums where they can meet like-minded people and make new friends. Though the trend of opening up night clubs and bars exclusively for gays has not yet been given a thought, but there definitely are upscale bars and clubs that handle gay clientele on selected days. As a matter of fact, this current gay dating trend in India has also led to the mushrooming of online social networks. As the number of gay men is increasing in the world and India, in particular, so are gay social networking sites. You log on to these websites and there will be lots of people that have similar thinking, tastes and preferences.
For example, in Orkut, one of the most popular social networking sites, you have communities formed by gays. Some other fastest growing gay online communities include,,,,, and so on. Through these communities, you can meet other gays and form friendships, indulge into mild flirtations, and so on. Also, you have numerous options of finding gays seeking dates, boyfriends, sex, or simply friends. Most of these social communities do not charge any fee for joining their website. One can also post his personal gay advertisement on such websites, attracting gays from the same city or other regions. Besides searching for prospective love matches, men can browse through different bars and clubs, restaurants, and hotels where they are likely to meet other gay men. What’s more, upcoming gay events also see listed on these communities, drawing gays from various locations, cultures and religions.
These online dating websites let one find a partner for a casual or long-term association, thereby enhance the same sex relationships. By exchanging contacts and other information one-on-one on such communities, one can offer another gay a date to test their tone for future interactions. While the first date can culminate into sex, others may not be willing to give in to the newly triggered and yet-to-be developed relationship. All this and more can be openly discussed and conversed on the online space only, or taken further with real face-to-face meetings. For, you do not know, you might find your perfect soul mate there!

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