Rapport among best friends is such that when both are of opposite sex, it’s natural for one at times to start having romantic feeling for other. Read how to go about it without harming friendship.

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

It is easy to fall in love with your best friend because friendship anyway is an emotionally intimate relationship. You both have seen good and bad times together and are well aware of each others personalities. You spend so much time with your best buddy that you start to depend for everything on him/her. It renders such a feeling of security that it is hard to ignore the warmth with which it fills your life. It is a wonderful thing to fall in love with your best friend only if your love is reciprocated. If your best friend does not feel the same way about you then it can get tragic because the friendship will get affected; there is a certain sort of innocence which will get lost from your friendship and neither your friend nor you will be able to forget it and move on. When one falls in love with his/her best friend there is a lot of fear involved in just the thought of confessing the love. It is not only the fear of rejection but also the fear of losing the existing friendship that stops people from acting out on their feelings for their friends. After all, nobody can bear even the thought of not being friends with his/her best friend ever again. But to think of it on the emotional level, the friendship will anyway get affected if one of the friends starts to feel differently about their relationship. It is rather healthy to come clean with your feelings if you are in love with your best friend. Let him/her know how you feel and what you expect from your relationship. He/she is your best friend and  will definitely understand your feelings. It is a scary thing to do and it involves a lot of courage but it is worth it; you never know, may be your friend also feels the same way for you and is scared just like you to confess it. It is worth the leap of faith that you will take. For the initial hiccups, read through our article to know better how to confess your feelings for your best friend. 
How To Confess Your Romantic Feelings For Your Best Friend
  • Careful Rethinking: Reflect on your feelings cautiously. Take your time, there is no hurry. You should know how deep your feelings are. If you have the slightest hint that your feelings can very well just be a phase or it is just a fling then there is no point making your precious friendship go through so much of trouble. Your shallow feelings should not destroy the beautiful relation between you and your friend. But, if you are sure that your feelings are strong and you have tested your emotions thoroughly then it’s advisable to go ahead and take the plunge.
  • Be Prepared: You should be fully prepared for either of the consequences of confessing your love to your best friend. If he/she accepts it then be ready to face the transformation that your friendship will go through. Friendship is completely different from being in a relationship; in friendship there are no liabilities and it is a comforting sort of a communion while in relationship there are constant expectations to cater to and it is trickier than a simple friendship. You should be prepared to see your best friend in a completely different light. On the other hand, if your best friend does not accept your love for him/her then it might get a bit embarrassing between you two. To be fair, it will change the whole dimension of your friendship and there would come a point where you will have to decide whether you can stay friends with your best friend or you cannot deal with the rejection and would want to move on without him/her.
  • Right Timing: Figure out the right time to tell your friend that you have fallen for him/her. You must know what is already happening in his/her life; if your best friend is already going through a difficult phase then hold it for a better time. Lots of people make the rookie mistake of confessing their love for their best friends when the best friend is going through a break-up. Aesthetically, it is the wrong time to come out with your feelings because your friend is already going through a troublesome time and it would seem to him/her that you are trying to take advantage of his/her vulnerability. Confess your feelings subtly and preferably during a happy moment. Do not push yourself on your friend and let him/her grasp the full intensity of the situation, which might mean that he/she will take sometime to come up with a reaction.
  • Make The Confession: It is now time to blurt it out of you, remove the pressure from your chest. Keep it simple when you are confessing your love to your best friend. Do not complicate it with words and absolutely do not overdose it with mushy stuff. Be straightforward in your approach and if at any point you feel like you are making your friend uncomfortable then stop and take him/her into consideration. Keep your confession as subtle as you can because of the magnanimity of its intensity.
  • Let It Sink In: Let your best friend have his/her reaction. This reaction can range from complete shock to denial to anger to agreement. Do not deny your friend any of these reactions by contradicting it. It is natural for him/her to feel baffled. You should be able understand the assortment of reactions from your friend’s side and handle him/her with unconditional love, care and empathy. When your friend will finally come around, he/she will clearly let you know about his/her feelings towards you and where your friendship stands now. 
If you're really in love with your best friend and wish to take your relationship to the next level, then it’s very important for both of you to be respectful of each other’s feelings. Do not ever coerce another. It will take co-operation from both to make the relationship work.

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