Every man is forever pondering about how to win the heart of a girl or how to get a girl to like him. If this sounds like you, read on to know how to make a girlfriend.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

Right from the 13 year old to the 30 year olds, be it school boys or successful men, the one question that has dogged them for ages is how to win the heart of a girl? Attracting a girl and asking her to be their girlfriend seems like a Herculean task to men who can accomplish tougher challenges in life. One of nature’s most mysterious creations, girls are a bit tough to woo. But it is not impossible! You need to get just a few basics right and there you go; the girl of your dreams will be showering so much love and affection on you that it will seem like heaven! Trust me on this, just keep a few essential (and extremely simple) things in mind and you will see that attracting a girl is not as hard as you thought it would be!
Be Yourself
The first and foremost commandment of the unwritten ‘Bible’ is to be what you are. Don’t put up a polished behavior just for a couple of dates and then resort back to your goofy behavior. She will run away so fast; you won’t even believe! If a girl has to like you, she will like you for what you really are. If you think you can be better, then change for good. Before you even know it, you will have the girl of your dreams having lunch with you!
Be Presentable
Yes, you love those torn jeans of yours and can’t possibly seem to get out of it. But, this will do more of a repelling act when a girl is around. Girls like a rugged look, not a shabby look. Learn the difference between the two. Wear neat clothes, smell good and groom yourself well. It will definitely help you score brownie points, as girls love good looking and well dressed men.
Bitching, talking loudly, eating with your mouth open, not paying attention to what she says, all this will come handy when you don’t want a certain girl to sit with you! But when you are out there attracting a girl, behave yourself and be a gentleman. No girl would want to stick up with a guy who has bad manners and is irritating. Don’t send wrong signals or make advances that are inappropriate.
Show Confidence
Girls absolutely love guys who are confident of themselves. Know your way around and be responsible for her. Make sure she does not feel unsafe in your presence, but feels protected. Show her you have complete control over your life and ask her out without fumbling! Make eye contact, smile and walk with your shoulders straight. The correct body language goes a long way in showing immense confidence, so keep that in mind too.
Be Humorous
Nothing works like laughter to break the ice. Be alert when she talks and create harmless humor out of what she talks (but don’t make her feel like a fool in front of other people). Don’t rehearse jokes and blurt them out at inappropriate times. Also, avoid telling dirty jokes that your guy friends apparently find absolutely funny. Show her that you are playful and like to laugh out on goofy things. Laugh at your own silly mistakes too. Girls like guys who can laugh without any pretensions, so make sure you create humor and woo her all the way.

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