If you don’t want to end up as a ‘Great Gatsby’, you should tell your love in the right way. Explore the article to know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

It is an unfortunate fact that the world is filled with one sided lovers and ‘Great Gatsby’ tragedies. Men always use to complain that women never understand their love in the real sense when they propose them. You may have felt that women like men who are not really serious about them and that the intensity of your love never matters to them. In fact, it does matter, but you have to prove that you are a confident guy who can love and protect a woman. She may not believe in a guy who doesn’t even have the guts to look straight into her eyes. You should have the capability to convince her that you are serious about her with your talk, behavior and body language. Read on the article to get more ideas on how to ask a girl to be your girl.
Ideas To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girl Friend 
  • First of all you should make sure that your friend shares good comfort level with you. It is important to know whether she likes you or not. You can make your first move if she likes you. Otherwise, try spending more time with her until you feel confident about her feelings for you. You can’t know exactly if she likes you or not but you can ask whether she likes you or not after you have developed a fairly good rapport with her. If you pop up this question in the early stages of your acquaintance, chances are that she might say a big ‘no’ because she doesn’t know you well enough. This situation can create an awkwardness which can ruin all your chances of being together.
  • When you feel it is the right time to say, you should plan how you are going to present the whole thing. This includes your choice of words, mannerisms and body language. Your body language should ooze confidence and sincerity. While confessing your feelings you should look straight into her eyes and express your feelings in a calm and relaxed manner. She shouldn’t feel uneasiness and artificiality in your movements. You should look very cool.
  • You can freshen up your breath before you open your mouth to express your feelings. It is better to carry some mints in your pocket and chew on one before you go to propose your love. It is very difficult to relax in that kind of a situation but you have to understand that you should relax to express your love really well.
  • Always select a place which is not crowded. You should try to find a way to be alone with her.  If you have privacy, you will feel more relaxed and can talk better to her. According to human psychology when somebody begins to talk to someone in a private place, the whole attention of the listener is on the subject matter delivered by the speaker. So you can make more impact with your words when both of you are alone.
  • You can give her a compliment before you step into the proposing part. A simple statement like’ you look great’ will do wonders for you that day. It is a way of appreciating the time she put in to her appearance. It is also considered as a good ‘conversation starter’ after a ‘hello’. You should always look into her eyes when you are talking because girls take it as a sign of confidence in men. You should be careful about compliments because if you overdo it, she will become suspicious of you and that will break the mood.

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