This article is perfect for all those females who want to know how to be a good girlfriend. Read on to know about the traits & qualities men look for in a girlfriend.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

The initial stages of a relationship are the best. Everything is so good, you do not have a single argument and the entire time is spent in talking, while looking into each others’ eyes. To top it all, your partner seems to be just perfect. It is after spending a considerable amount of time together that the flaws began to surface and you start seeing the areas where your ideas don’t match. The key to a successful relationship is in understanding each other and adjusting to each other’s needs and wants. In this article, we have emphasized on the girl’s side and listed the traits and qualities men look for in a girlfriend. Just keep the given below tips in mind to ensure your relationship is as smooth as it can be.
How to be a Good Girlfriend
  • Don’t Rush
    First of all, take things slowly. Don’t make him rush into things. Let him take his time to introduce you as his girlfriend. Agreed, marriage is a very important part of the relationship, but don’t remind him so on a daily basis. Just go with the flow and let time take its course. 
  • Be Independent
    Yes, he is a very important part of your life, but please don’t center your life on him. Have a life of your own, spend sometime with yourself, hang out with friends and attend family functions. Being there for him when he needs you is definitely desired, but don’t keep clinging on to him. 
  • Appreciate
    Appreciate him for what he is and don’t be constantly on the look for habits that you can criticize. Don’t try to change him completely. Remember, this is the same man who made you fall in love.
  • Have a Mind of Your Own
    It is not necessary that you should agree to what he says and disagree to what he doesn’t like. Have a mind of you own. Two people, who live together, have a difference of opinion on many issues and it is very natural too. However, please do not oppose him in everything he says. 
  • Space
    Remember, both of you are different individuals and have a life beyond each other too. Let him have his share of independence & space in a relationship. Having a night-out with the boys, once in a while, is good for him. Again, too much space is also not too good. After all, both of you are a couple. 
  • Be Cheerful
    No guy likes a girl who is a cry baby. Once in a while, all of us get emotional and end up crying, but do not make it a regular feature. Infact, guys like girls who have a good sense of humor. Have the ability to laugh at yourself. 
  • Share His Interests
    No, we are not asking you to start lifting his 10 kilo dumbbells. Nonetheless, try to share his interest in cricket, football, or any other area. You can watch a game with him every now and then, trying to understand the game from him. If you don’t overdo it, I’m sure he will love explaining the nuances to you. 
  • Pamper Him
    Most of the guys are pampered by their mums and if your guy is in the majority, it is your turn to pamper him. Do small things for him like cleaning his room, getting his laundry washed, cooking his food, etc. It will show how much you care for him & there are all the chances of his responding likewise. 
  • Have Self Respect
    Guys like girls who hold their ground and do not take crap from anyone. Nobody is asking you to have an inflated ego, but never ever compromise on your self-respect either. He will respect you only if you respect yourself. 
  • Be His Friend
    You have moved on from being ‘just friends’ to being a ‘couple’. Still, this does not mean that you will forget the ‘friend part’ of your relationship. Make sure to keep the friendship in the love alive. 
  • Communicate
    Your boyfriend is a human being, not a magician, who will get to know your feeling on his own. Whether you are happy, sad or hurt, talk to him! You don’t need to tell him every detail of an incident, but please don’t keep him in the dark either. Never ever stop communicating with him. 
  • Be Expressive
    Though guys deny it, they love reading romantic messages, receiving gifts, getting hugs, etc. Please be expressive in a relationship. He knows that you love him, but expressing it will keep the romance in the relationship alive. 
  • Consistency and Patience
    This is one thing most of the girls lack. Do not keep shuttling between different moods and emotions. Be consistent in your feelings and moods. Do not jump to conclusion. Be patient and hear him out before saying anything.

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