Do you want to know how to be a good friend with the people around you? If yes then check out the qualities & characteristics, of being a good friend, given in this article.

How To Be A Good Friend

It is said that people are not counted by the number of friends they have, rather the number of people they are friends to. It is quite difficult to be a good friend to others and a dependable person throughout. It will be difficult to win the affection, appreciation and confidence of others, unless and until you have the basic qualities and characteristics that are related with being a good friend.

Qualities & Characteristics Of Being A Good Friend
Be What You Are
In order to be accepted by others around you, do not try to be somebody that you are not. Be yourself. Let yourself be known and accepted for your own merits, rather than for being somebody that you are not.
Be Honest
A dishonest person may have friends around him/her, but not the true ones. If you to want to be a good friend to others, it is very important to show loyalty to the people around you. Do not break the promises that you have made to them. Think twice before giving your word - whether you can stand up to your saying or not. In case if you have promised and could not fulfill it, be honest to tell them about the whole dilemma.
Be Dependable
You should win confidence of people to whom you want to be a good friend. This is possible only when you show honesty to them. Be loyal. If your friend shares his/her best kept secret with you, do not let any third person get even a small hint about it. Blabbing the secret to others would result in the friend loosing confidence and trust in you. You will be then considered as a backstabber. Remember, trust is the foundation of good friendship. So, do not let loose their trust on you, at any cost.
Listen to your friends. Lend an ear to their needs, emotions, feelings and desires. Do not limit yourself by just listening to them. Show your reaction to whatever they say, with gestures. Showing sympathy won't serve the purpose. Try to empathize their situations.
Be Present During Crisis
Be there through the thick and thin of your friend's life. You should be the first person to help your friend at the time of crisis. For instance, if your friend is hospitalized, provide him/her immediate aid, like packing the bags, before being asked to do so. Don’t let your friend to indulge himself/herself into any illicit activity. Take special care of your friend, whom you think has been wedged to any kind of addiction. Advise him/her to get out of the habit. Whether it is physical, mental or financial support, let the first person to be there, rather than being a last resort.
Leave Space
The most important aspect, which maximum people neglect when they want to be a good friend, is the need of space in friendship. While getting personal with your friend, do not forget to leave a space for him/her. It is very important to maintain individuality in friendship. Do not be clingy or needy. Give your friend enough time to hang out with others. Give him/her the much-needed space. Do not be interfering all the time in the affairs, which he/she don't want to share with you or doesn’t want your involvement in it.

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