Asking a guy out on a date requires confidence and the choice of the right time to pop up the question. In this article, we have given guidance on how to ask a guy out easily.

How To Ask A Guy Out

Most of the men will agree with the fact that asking a girl out on a date requires a lot of courage and efforts. On the other hand, although girls feel it a bit nervous, many of them know it very well how to ask a guy out on a date, perhaps better than the guys themselves. However, we should not generalize girls, as many of them are quite hesitant, when it comes to taking the initiative. Worst is the case when they find it intimidating to be on the other side. If you are one amongst the females who want to know how to ask a guy out, this article is the right for you.
Asking A Guy Out On A Date
Approach Him
If you are interested in asking a guy out on a date, you need to initiate the first step - of approaching him. Find out the place most frequented by him, where you could easily find him. If you know the guy or have talked to him in the past, you need not have to introduce yourself once again. You can talk to him right away. Make sure that when you approach him, he is not extremely busy with his work.
Never ask a guy out when he is surrounded by a group of people. Asking him for a date in person will be better. So, go to a place where there is privacy - a restaurant, a park or his favorite hangout. Initiate the conversation. Have a small talk with him, at first. Start with a complement about his attire, or say something about the place or event you are in.
Maintain Eye Contact
While talking to the guy, be sure to maintain eye contact with him. Hold the eye contact just for a little longer than you normally would; say for a few more seconds. However, you should not stare at his eyes for a long time. If he acknowledges your eye contact by glancing back at you, he is probably interested in you.
Show Your Interest
Although you do not have to be flirtatious, you can show the signs that you are interested in him. This could be a light touch on his arm or just being playful while communicating. Show interest in him by laughing at his jokes and by carefully listening to what he says. Do not forget to hold your eye contact with him in the process.
Sustain The Conversation
You may now ask some questions about him. Enquire about his favorite food, hobbies, sports, etc. By asking him such non-intrusive questions, you will actually be sustaining the conversation. At the same time, you might get to know more about him. This will eventually give you the opportunity to ask him out on a date.
Ask Him Out
After conversing with him for about 30 minutes, you can pretty well figure out whether or not he is someone you should go out with. Pop up the question for a date. Do not ask him out hurriedly. Instead, do it in a subtle way. However, you should exude a degree of confidence while asking him out. Let him know that you like his company and would like to spend time with him again.

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