Single parents who have got back into the dating scene are often in a dilemma about when and how to introduce their dates to their kids. Here’s how to introduce your date to your kids.

How To Introduce Your Date To Your Kids

If you are a single parent raising one or more children, you may be wary of going back into the dating scene, or to look for love and companionship, all over again. It is understood that, as an adult, your priorities in life now are different from what they were when you were young. Now that you have kids too, the problem is compounded when you think of introducing him/her to your kids, who may not be in a position to understand the implications of it, especially if they are quite young. On the other hand, grown up kids and teenagers may be able to relate to you better, even if they might be equally confused about you going back into the whole dating routine. According to psychologists and family counselors, it is better to be honest and upfront about your date with your kids. If you have had open talks with your children about it, it might make your job of introducing your date, to your kids easier. The real question is how to go about it. If you too are one of the confused souls, who are wondering how to introduce your kids to your date, read on to know more.
Introducing Your Date To Your Children 

It would be better if you mentioned your child (ren) to your date, before he/she gets to see them. Also, tell him/her something unique about each of your kids. For instance, if your eight year old daughter learns Bharatanatyam, let your date know about it. This way, when he/she is introduced to your child, he/she will know exactly what to talk about. 

Be Yourself!
It is important that you try not to discipline your children in such a way that they end up feeling awkward, in front of your date, uncertain of their own behavior, and wary of earning your displeasure. They should be allowed to be themselves; it is then that your date will get to interact with them better. Besides, if your date wishes only to see your kids rather than hear them, then he/she is not worth you or your kids! 

Plan Fun!
The best way to get rid of the discomfiture and awkwardness is to plan a fun outing for all of you that will set the mood right. You may let your child pick the place, he would like to go to – be it to the amusement park or the neighbourhood park, where he/she can play on the swings or play games. Make sure your children and your date get enough time to spend together and get to know each other. Do not leave either your children or your date alone; in fact, if you leave them to interact without you acting as the interpreter or mediator, both the parties would gel better. 

At the end of the day, when you are alone with either your date or your child, try to get to know what either of them thinks about the other. It may give you some insights into what to keep in mind, the next time you bring your date home. 

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