You should exude a degree of confidence, while introducing yourself to unknown people. Learn how to introduce yourself by the best way, through this article.

How To Introduce Yourself

Whether you get into a new company, meeting, group or activity, introducing yourself becomes inevitable. When it comes to introduction to unknown faces, you should feel comfortable and confident in doing so. In addition, you should demonstrate friendliness, so that the people are at ease in interacting with you. You should be watchful as well, because any wrong gesture will be quickly picked up by people and they might even pass incorrect judgments about you, by considering the way you present yourself at the first meeting. If you want to know how to introduce yourself in the best way, go through the following lines.
Introducing Yourself 
  • Look into the eyes of the person, to whom you are going to introduce yourself. Make a brief eye contact. This shows your confidence.
  • During self-introduction, you should not forget to wear a pleasant smile on your face. This gesture will put the other person at ease. In addition, it will create a good first impression about you.
  • Extend a warm, friendly and firm handshake. Wear a sweet smile while shaking your hands with the other person. Gently squeeze the person's hand with your fingers. Make sure that you do not apply force with your thumb. A good handshake will demonstrate your self confidence.
  • You can let the other person know your background, in order to start the conversation.
  • Now, say your name clearly, in a gentle and audible manner. If the person doesn't get your name, be sure to spell it again. Ask for his/her name as well and repeat it, when he/she says it.
  • Avoid introducing yourself by your nickname. During formal meetings, it is always suggested to introduce yourself by both your first and last names.
  • Do not introduce yourself with titles, such as Mr. or Mrs. It carries an absolutely over-confident image in the mind of the person, along with the wrong attitude.
  • Try and encourage positive conversation, rather than gloomy news and politics. Cribbing over things is a big no-no, as it will surpass the good impression you must have left on the person. 
  • If it is a formal introduction over drinks or food, avoid food or drinks that stick to your teeth.
  • Always say ‘nice to meet you’, while bringing an end to the conversation.
  • Never criticize the person you are meeting for the first time. He/ she will lose interest in meeting you again.
  • Don’t speak when your mouth is filled with food. It is always advisable to eat food in small chunks, so that you can swallow it up and speak up confidently.
  • Always talk about your positives in a way that it doesn’t portray you as a person who brags a lot or flaunts himself at all times.
  • Keep a tissue with you to clean up sweaty hands, before shaking hands.
  • Keep focus on the person you are meeting and give him/her respect, even if he/she holds a little lower position than you. This will portray you as a person who is grounded and polite.

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