To get a boy to go out with a girl can be an easy task. Are you wondering how? Go through the article, to know the best way to get a guy go out with a girl.

How To Get A Boy Go Out With A Girl

Convincing and persuading someone for something can be a cakewalk, if you apply the right technique. Everything depends on the way you carry out with the 'influence' game. Do you want to get your friend go out on a date? A very common situation in every friend group, but hard to crack. You need to be very careful, when it comes to convincing your friend to date a girl. Things should be done in a subtle way, so that the two do not get a clue about your intentions. In the following lines, we have provided some ways on how to get a guy go out with a girl.
Ways To Get A Guy Go Out With A Girl
Set a scenario
You need to first set up a scenario for the guy and the girl to meet each other. Now, are you wondering how should you go about it? The best bet would be to throw a party at your place. Invite both of them, without the two knowing the actual purpose of the party. Another convenient option would be to invite them for a movie. Make sure the two sit together in the theatre. Do not just drift away right after the initial introductions. This might make the two uncomfortable and conscious. However, do not indulge much and give them a little space. 
Open up conversation
In case, the two are the 'shy one' types, you must take initiative and open up the conversation, so that each gets to know the other. Talk about their education qualification, job, interests, hobbies, family, etc. This way both of them would get acquainted with each other and also not feel awkward. In case, the discussion gets a little serious, barge in with an element of humor in the tête-à-tête. It would lighten up the whole atmosphere, making the meeting a pleasant one.
Highlight The Good Quality
In a subtle way, point out the good qualities and attributes of the two. Complement the girl on her looks, style, her way of talking, etc. This is sure to hit the realization button of the guy. As for the girl, fill her with any act of care or guts that the boy had done. This would surely make the girl go weak in her knees. You can also go ahead and point out something that the two did not notice. For instance, if the two share a particular hobby, highlight it. This is sure to get the bells ringing in the minds of the two. 
Leave The Two Alone
This is one of the most important stages, before getting a boy to go out with a girl. Give the two some space, so that they can mingle and talk to each other. However, make your absence understated i.e. excuse yourself to attend other people at the party or in the interval, take initiative to get the popcorns while the two are sitting together. This would surely bring the guy and the girl close to each other and set the sparks on fire.
Convince the boy to ask her out
Once the two have met and had a talk, convincing the boy to take her out would be a cakewalk. You only need to control the thought process of the guy and filter in information that goes according to your plan. Talk about the girl's positive qualities and traits and point out that the two look great together. Once the boy realizes this, he is sure to give a thought to dating. I am sure, this way; it would easier for you to persuade the guy to go out with her. Good luck!! Happy setting up the two!

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