While being photogenic is an asset for many people, others have to try out tricks to make themselves camera-friendly. Go through the tips given in the article and know how to be more photogenic.

How To Be More Photogenic

Many people simply refuse to be photographed, just because of the fact that they look hideous in front of the camera. This is perhaps due to the reason that they do not have a camera-friendly face. While, being photogenic is just natural for many people, others can try out a few things that will make them look flawless in photographs. How photogenic is the person has nothing to do with the person’s beauty or complexion. Even beautiful people may not look that good as they are in real life. Some people just lack a photogenic face, but that should not deter them from posing for photos. What if you do not have a natural photogenic face? You can always learn to acquire it. If you are looking for ways to look good in front of a camera, this article is meant for you. With the tips given in the following lines, learn how to be more photogenic.
How To Be More Photogenic
Tips For Being Photogenic
Highlight Your Features
Accentuate your best facial features. Take a look at the mirror and see what makes you look attractive—is it your wonderful smile, bright face, glowing skin or sparkling eyes. Once you have found out your assets, highlight them, so that you look even more attractive in front of the camera.
Hide Your Flaws
The best way to hide your flaws is to wear makeup. If in case you have dark circles, acne marks or scars, try to hide them by using a concealer which is appropriate for your skin tone. Make sure that by doing this you do not lose your natural look. So, wear light makeup, just to cover the flaws.
Experiment With Poses
In order to be more photogenic, you should try out different poses, which show your best side. Take the help of a lens man for the purpose. He may tell you the pose which works the best for you. By experimenting with poses, you will be able to determine the best angle for you.
Exude Confidence
Camera has the power to capture even the slightest flaw—be it your features or your attitude. Hence, be very careful while posing in front of a camera. You should not be nervous, as this may not produce a good photograph. Show your confidence. Take a deep breath and relax before posing for the camera.
Show Real Emotion
Anything fabricated—be it a simple smile or emotion—looks unnatural in camera. Hence, be sure to show the real emotion. Wear a bright smile on your face. Feel relaxed and happy in front of the camera. Your true emotion will be reflected in your eyes.
Dress Well
Choose clothes that fit you well and colors that complement your skin tone. You should also consider your hair color and type, while choosing the dress for the photo session. Go for the camera friendly colors that are neither too dull, nor too bright. Try to keep it neutral. Go for warm neutral hues which will match with your skin.
Pick The Right Location
If you are on a vacation, take your photographer where you want take the pictures. It is usually best to take photos against plain backgrounds, but as you are on a vacation you cannot afford to miss the scenery being a part of your photo.  Try taking photos in natural light, early in the morning or evening, to get that radiant look.
Camera At Eye Level
Ask your photographer to click photos keeping the camera at the eye level or a little above the eye level. This is extremely important to get good photograph. Moreover, the risks of the double chin being visible are also less.
Do Not Look Into The Camera
This is common mistake which most of the people commit. It is strictly advised not to look into the camera lens. This makes people look frightened because eyes are wide open. Look a little away or better look slightly above the camera lens.
Look Calm
Often people look nervous or over excited, thereby losing the charm. Yes, you should be natural, but try to be calm. The more calm and comfortable you appear, the better the photo will turn out to be. Many people end up looking odd because they freeze out of nervousness or are just confused not knowing what expression to give. Relax and again calm down!
Think Happy!
An odd, forced smile can make you look taut and weird. Think about something happy or funny that can make you laugh or bring a smile on your face, at least. Also, try to time your smile, as in, smile at appropriate time so that, you do not have to hold that for long.
Posing for photographs is not an art, but yes may need some practice. Not all people can pull of good poses in photos all the time and therefore need to learn how to position in front of the camera.

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