It has been accepted by one and all that positivity holds the key to success and happiness. Here are some ways in which you can maintain a positive outlook.

Positive Thinking Tips And Tricks

“Be Positive”, we are often told by our friends and loved ones, many of whom do not know what it really means. What are the character traits of those who think positive or maintain a positive outlook? Do they just go around saying “Aall Izzz Well” like the refrain from the runway hit 3 Idiots? What makes them so chirpy all the time? Why does negativity not affect them like it does to others? How would they handle a news or situation that normally invokes feelings of negativity from others? These are some of the questions that people ask themselves when they think about those who always seem to find something positive about everything. Now that we all accept that tragedy can affect the most happy-go-lucky people and it is only in the perspective wherein the difference lies, we must explore some of the traits and tricks that such people possess to get over all negativity. Here are some tricks that could lead us straight to positive outlook. 

Tips To Maintain A Positive Outlook 

Here are some things that will help you develop and maintain a positive outlook: 

It isn’t necessary to take life too seriously all the time – you can let go and laugh away life’s little miseries like missing a bus or train or spilling coffee on your dress. If you start by taking these little things less seriously, you may also take the bigger challenges that life throws at you with minimum negativity or anger. 

Getting Rid Of Self Pity
Wallowing too much in self pity and feelings that hold you back from progressing in the right direction are detrimental to your development as a person, not to mention to your natural state of happiness. It makes you feel like you are perpetually the victim and never lets you think about what you could do to  improve the situation. It may give you temporary relief to think of yourself as a victim; the relief is, however, temporary and self destructive. 

It is important to be thankful to God for everything that you have. This way, instead of fretting about what you do not have, you will appreciate what you do have and will value it better. No matter how big the tragedy is, try to be thankful for what you did not lose. If a chain snatcher snatched your gold chain, be thankful he did not hurt you. In any circumstance that may elicit a negative response from you, try to think about and concentrate on what you could have lost and did not. 

Reaching Out
Many people who were often plagued by negative thoughts and self destructive behaviour and thoughts, find all their negativity melting away when they reach out and help someone and make that person feel better about themselves. You follow it too; try and reach out to someone who may need you and try to help them see the better side of their situation. Make sure to leave all your own negativity behind when you reach out to the other person or else your negativity might transfer to them too. 

No matter what the situation is, belief in yourself, belief in your abilities and in the fact that everything will be alright in the end will heal you of all the negativity and self destructive behaviour. Belief is, by far the most powerful positive feeling that has the capacity to heal any emotional wound. Never lose the faith with which you began your life with – a child does not know mistrust, malice, negativity, disbelief or cynicism. Be childlike in your belief in yourself but at the same time be realistic about your goals and achievements. 

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