In this era of climate change and global warming, it is wise to be energy efficient. Read the article below for tips towards energy efficiency.

Easy Steps Towards Energy Efficiency

Why save energy? Because by saving energy we are saving ourselves. To reduce the overdependence on energy is a moral obligation that the people of the world face today. Overdependence on energy for the growing population has resulted in increased carbon emissions, and slowly but surely the effects are being felt. Forget the over the top depiction of climate creating havoc in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, every day we are faced with more signs of the approaching doom. The use of fossil fuels to power our factories and vehicles is the main cause of global warming which is also aggravated by the enormous waste of energy we proliferate. Practicing energy efficiency will go a long way in slowing our drive to oblivion. It must be remembered that energy is not unlimited and so it is sensible to turn to wind and solar energy, which are ecologically viable. To make you adopt efficiency in energy read the article below for easy steps towards energy efficiency. 

Steps Towards Improving Energy Efficiency 

  • Take care not to waste water. Fix all the leaky taps and pipes. Don’t think that a drop or two won’t have any effect. It is estimated that a single leaky tap that drips every second loses about 10,000 liters of water a year.
  • When using dishwashers and washing machines make sure that they are in full load. Don’t use them for two to three items as they consume huge amount of energy and water.
  • Small things go a long way towards energy efficiency. Instead of using a hose pipe to water your garden or wash your car, use a bucket and a mug. This way, there will be less wastage of water. Also keep the tap closed when not using. 
  • Try to minimize your house garbage output. Buy in bulk so that there is less of packing materials. Use reusable shopping bags and other things that you can use again and again.
  • Instead of dumping the garbage in a landfill, it is better to reuse some of the products. Select the items that you can use or sell instead of throwing them away. Garbage produces a big burden on the environment.
  • There are many companies that specialize in recycling garbage. Sell your garbage to them and also invest in a recycling bin at your house.
  • For organic wastes nothing is better than composting. Make your own compost bin and you can then either sell the compost or use it for your own garden. 
  • When not in use, switch off the lights, fans and other electrical appliances as these consume a huge amount of energy.
  • Heating water also consumes a lot of energy so use hot water with care. Check the heating apparatus if it is losing any heat. Invest in a solar powered heater which will save the power consumption to a great extent.
  • Use products that are energy efficient. Instead of bulbs use LED lights as they consume one-fifth of the energy. 
  • Avoid the vehicle when you can walk. Not only will you save fuel but you will also greatly reduce the carbon emission into the environment.
  • Maintain your vehicle so that it does not become a fuel guzzler. Go for servicing regularly. A vehicle in top condition saves a lot of fuel.
  • Buy a bicycle. Not only is it good for your health but it also contributes towards a healthy environment. Be less dependent on your vehicle and more dependent on your bicycle.
  • Carpool with your friends and neighbors. It is an excellent way to save fuel and money. Alternatively, you can use more of the public transport system. Less dependence on private cars will reduce the air and sound pollution level.

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