Emotional abuse in relationships is harder to detect as it is subtle and often, indirect. Explore the article to know about emotionally abusive relationships and their indicating signs.

Emotionally Abusive Relationships

It is interesting to note that emotional abuse is more prevalent and widespread in relationships than physical abuse. However, it is not easy to detect and consequentially, a lot of people continue to suffer from emotional abuse in their relationship without even realizing it. The emotionally abusive partner may seek to manipulate, control and dominate the other, while conveniently passing the blame for any problems or issues in the relationship on the weak and docile partner. Your partner may intend to intimidate, subjugate, demean, punish, or isolate you, which may leave you wondering what is going wrong with the relationship. Since emotional abuse manifests itself in different behavioral patterns, it is rather difficult to give it a proper definition.
Any partner who is physically abused also suffers emotional abuse by default. However, majority of people who are subjected to emotional abuse may not be suffering physically at the hands of their partner at all. Even the most loving and caring partners are capable of emotionally abusing their mate due to feelings of possessiveness, jealousy and insecurity. A common aspect that is rather typical to emotionally abusive relationships is that the victimized partner is made to believe that he/she is worthy of nothing. This may have a telling effect on the self-esteem of the suffering partner who may begin to believe that there is something wrong with him/her that is contributing to the decline of the relationship. In simpler terms, any situation that pushes one person to an unhealthy emotional state can fall within the gamut of emotional abuse.
Signs & Symptoms Of Emotional Abuse
  • You find it difficult to express yourself freely before your partner for fear of an adverse reaction.
  • Your partner frequently exhibits signs of being jealous and prevents you from engaging it healthy interactions with the opposite sex.
  • Your partner frequently criticizes and humiliates you, or undermines your self esteem. Frequent negative comments on your dressing sense, your appearance and the way you carry yourself is a sure shot sign of emotional abuse, as such comments are deliberately intended to hurt you.
  • Your partner tries to keep you away from the company of friends, family and support groups outside the relationship. This is intentionally done so that the abused partner has no support system that helps to build up his/her confidence and self-esteem.
  • If your partner unusually suspects you and tries to monitor your mails and internet usage, it indicates that he/she lacks faith in you and is therefore, inflicting emotional abuse on you.
  • If your partner seems capable to go to the extent of harming you or your loved ones, in case you betray him/her, it is a clear sign of emotional abuse, as your partner intends to scare you off the possibility of contemplating to leave him/her.
  • If your partner implies or threatens to suicide or physically harm him/her self, in case you consider walking out of the relationship, it is to be seen as an indicator of emotional abuse.

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