Beating afternoon office blues is not easy, but a few tips will help you avoid them and remain energized the whole day. Read this article to know how to beat the afternoon office blues.

How To Beat The Afternoon Office Blues

For working people, afternoon office blues have always created trouble. You are probably one of those who long for a nap in the afternoon, after that heavy lunch or keep glancing at the clock after lunch, waiting for the clock to strike 5.00. This becomes a major problem when an important project or assignment has been allocated to you and you are simply not able to concentrate on it. Common symptoms in people who experience afternoon office blues include feeling heavy or bloated, suffering from tiredness and experiencing a general lack of energy. A few preventive measures and some tips can help you avoid afternoon office blues and keep you on your toes throughout the day. Do read on further to know what you can do to help yourself beat afternoon office blues.  
Tips For Beating Afternoon Office Blues
Eat Healthy, High Energy Food
Since you need more energy in the afternoon, to beat your tiredness, eat more healthy food. High energy food will help you fight back the afternoon slump. Consume things like broccoli, peanuts and dairy products, since they contain acetylcholine, which enhances memory, and dopamine, which energizes a person. Include more carbohydrates in your diet, as they give you more energy. They also contain serotonin that is responsible for pleasure and will make you feel happier.
Do Not Overeat
You will feel heavy and have no energy left to work, if you eat too much during lunchtime. Ensure that you eat the right amount of food, at a slow pace. Give your brain enough time to receive signals from the digestive system, helping you not to overeat. Avoid fatty and salty food, as they tend to make you feel more tired and rob you of your energy.
Indulge in Some Exercise
Studies reveal that exercise gives you energy and keeps you happier. Regular exercising helps your brain have more oxygen, thus making it work better. Physical activities stimulate the blood flow through the cardiovascular system that makes your heart and lungs healthier. Your body releases endorphins when your exercise, thus helping improve your mood. Exercising will also help you to sleep better at night, which means you will store more energy and will feel more rested and relaxed. Hence, exercising will help you to perform better in office.
Take a Walk
Do not consume the whole 45-minute lunch break in eating. Utilize the first 15 minutes to have your lunch and the remaining 30 minutes to walk around the parking lot or garden in your office. Walking will revitalize you and make you feel rejuvenated for working in the afternoon.
Plan Your Work
Divide your work according to your interest. Since, you are likely to feel bored and tired in the afternoon, save the most interesting aspect of your job for this time duration. You will not feel sleepy if you love the work that you are doing in the afternoon.
Taking Small Breaks
Breaks help you relax and hence, they are essential. If you are finding it difficult to escape afternoon office blues, try taking a break for a few minutes. A break will energize you and help you to refocus on your work. Try doing breathing exercises or meditating during this time, to get your focus back on track once again.

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