Following office bathroom etiquettes are very important at the work place. To know more about office bathroom etiquette, read on.

Office Bathroom Etiquettes

Office is the second place, after home, where you spend the maximum amount of your time. Thus, to keep yourself up the whole day, it is extremely necessary for the surrounding things to be in place. One of the things topping the list is a clean and healthy bathroom. Just imagine what would happen to your day, if you enter the office bathroom early morning to realize you are standing in a trash container. The mere sight of a filthy bathroom is enough to mess up your mood as well as your day. Since, bathrooms are used all day long in offices, it is essential to maintain a basic hygiene. Therefore, to ensure your morning is as rosy, when you first set out from home, do make sure everybody around, including you, follows the bathroom etiquettes, as given below.
Office Bathroom Etiquettes 
  • Do not conduct business or chat loudly on the phone in the wash room, as it might disturb other people. You should not to take a call (unless it’s an emergency), wait till you are done, and then attend the call outside the bathroom.
  • Always tidy up the bathroom after use. This includes throwing away your trash, wiping excess water from the countertops, etc. Run the tap free for 2-3 seconds after using the washbasin, to wash off your soapy remains.
  • Do not sprinkle on the seat and lift up the lid after use. Make sure you check the lid before leaving, incase you have a tendency to forget.
  • Do not forget to flush. Do make sure the pot is rendered clean after flushing. There is a possibility that you are in a hurry and you might forget to use the flush. Always, guard against such happenings.
  • Do not keep the bathroom busy for long, as people might be waiting. Try to take not more than 2-3 minutes and come out of the bathroom as soon as you are done.
  • Treat the office bathroom just like the one at your home, leaving it clean for others. The person who will use the bathroom after you should find it clean, so try to maintain hygiene.
  • Do not gossip in the bathroom with your colleagues. A lot of people tend to engage in chit chat in and around the bathroom area. One should realize bathroom is not the place for your daily discussions, which can be conducted anywhere in the office premises, except the toilet.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands after using the toilet. This is more important for your personal hygiene, rather than being a matter of bathroom etiquettes.
  • Do not talk to the person standing outside, from inside the bathroom. There can be nothing worse than this cross-door talk session. You should mind that it is your workplace and not your home.
  • Do inform the concerned authority, if the supplies are out. After all, you will need the bathroom for use another time.

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