French Kiss is the ultimate form of kissing your beloved. To know how to French Kiss in the right way, read these tips and techniques.

How To French Kiss

“A kiss is a wonderful trick devised by nature to stop speech when words become superficial”. Ingrid Bergman was not wrong when he said this! Nothing in this world can beat the joy of being kissed by one’s beloved. It becomes all the more special if it is a first kiss. Quite many people hesitate in taking the kiss to the “next level”. Either they just don’t know how to do it, or they are simply scared. The “French Kiss” as it is popularly known, requires a bit of tact and presence of mind. One must know how to kiss without messing up too much. All set to become a great “French Kisser”? Check out these tips and techniques, which when kept in mind will make French kissing all the more passionate and enjoyable. 
  • The surrounding is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t want to stand on a street and start a passionate kiss, only to be interrupted by stares and worse, honking of vehicles! Agreed, the moment might come anytime, anywhere. But it is worth waiting for a few more minutes and finding a secluded and relaxed spot so that both of you are at ease.
  • Your hands must be embracing your partner in a passionate hug. Don’t let them rest on your partner or hang them by your side. It is rude and your partner might feel you are not interested in the kiss. A man usually holds the woman by the waist, while the woman may wrap around her arms around his shoulders or softly around the neck.
  • Begin softly, kiss gently, not too firm and not too aggressive. Let the passion build up slowly. It is always better to close your eyes to loose yourself completely in the kiss rather than the surroundings. Once both of you have warmed up, it is time to go to the next level. 
  • Women usually prefer men to make the first move. So, after a long, slow kiss, gently nudge open her mouth with your tongue to explore. If she hesitates, pull back a little and start again. To relax her, you can always take her face in your hands and gently caress her cheeks. 
  • Make sure you know the difference between passionate and aggressive kiss. Don’t do anything that might make the other person squeal! Let your tongue do the magic, not your teeth! 
  • A French kiss is usually “wetter” than other kisses, so don’t forget to swallow saliva if it builds up. You need not pull back from the kiss; you can do it in-between while kissing. In case you really want to pull back, don’t hesitate.
  • Don’t pull away abruptly when you feel the kiss is over. Your partner may not feel correct. So, stop kissing gradually and pull away from the face slowly. Don’t let go of the embrace as both of you might need it after a passionate kiss! If you or your partner wants to kiss again, smile and gently bring your face forward to indicate the same.

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