It is important to know the translation of a few basic English phrases in French, if you are planning to visit France. With this article, explore how to say common phrases in French.

How To Say Common Phrases In French

Whenever you go to an entirely new country, language barrier is the first problem that you come across. Whether you have to ask for directions to the nearest hotel or just enquire about a particular address, communicating with the native people becomes a difficult task. The best option would be for you to learn a few basic words in the native language of the country you are visiting, by heart and keep a dictionary handy, for the complex phrases. In case your destination is France, you will find this article to be of great use. Just go through the following lines and know how to say common phrases in French.
Basic French Phrases In English 
  • Hello or good day - Bonjour (bohn-jore)
  • Good morning - Bon matin (bohn-ma-tahn)
  • Have a good day - Bonne journée (bonn-jore-nay)
  • Good night! - Bonne nuit! (bonn nwee)
  • Goodbye - Au revoir (o-re-vwahr)
  • See you later - À bientôt (a-bee-yen-toe)
  • See you next time - À la prochaine fois(a-la-pro-shen)
  • How it going? - Ça va? (sa-va)
  • What is your name? - Comment vous appelez vous? (co-mohn-voos-ap-lay-voo)
  • My name is (name) - Je m'appelle (name) [jeh-ma-pel (name)]
  • What is your name? - Comment tu t'appelle? (coe moe too tah pehl)
  • How are you? - Comment vas tu? or Ca va? (Coe moe vah too or Sah Vah)
  • I am hungry - J'ai faim. (jay-fah)
  • Where is the restaurant? - Où est la restaurante? (oo-ay-la-rest-o-rahn-te)
  • Thank you very much - Merci beaucoup (mer-see-bo-koo)
  • Please - S'il vous plaît? (seel-voo-play)
  • I love you - Je t'aime (jeh-tem)
  • You are my love - Tu es mon amour (too-ay-mon-a-more)
  • I want to be with you - Je veux être avec toi (jeh-ver-et-tra-a-vek-twa)
  • Yes - oui (wee)
  • No - non (noh)
  • I would like - je voudrais (zhuh voo-DRAY)
  • Do you speak English? - Parlez-vous anglais? (PAHR-lay voo zahn-GLAY)
  • I don't understand - Je ne comprends pas (zher ner kong-prahng pah)
  • I don't know - Je ne sais pas (zher ner say pah) 
Some More Phrases 
  • You're Welcome - Je vous en prie
  • Where is it? - Où est-il ?
  • What did you say? - Qu'est-ce que vous avez dit? Or simply Pardon?
  • You can sit down - Vous pouvez vous asseoir.
  • I'd Like That - Je voudrais ceci.
  • Sorry - Je suis désolé(e)
  • Welcome! - Bienvenue! 
  • I'm fine, thanks! - Je vais bien, merci! 
  • What's new? Quoi de neuf? 
  • Nothing much - Pas grand chose. 
  • How much is this? - Combien cela coûte? 
  • Excuse me! (to ask for something) - Excusez-moi 
  • Excuse me! ( to pass by) - Pardon! 
  • I have to go - il faut que je parte.
  • I will be right back! - Je reviens tout de suite!
  • Good luck! - Bonne chance!
  • Happy birthday! - Joyeux anniversaire!
  • Happy New Year! - Bonne année!
  • Merry Christmas! - Joyeux Noël!
  • Congratulations! - Félicitations!
  • Enjoy! (for meals) - Bon appétit!

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