Looking for the top eco friendly presents that you can give to your loved ones? Go through this article and explore some of the best green gift ideas.

Green Gift Ideas

In the present world, pollution and contamination is creating havoc on the Mother Earth. Right from the deodorants that we use to the cars that we drive to the plastic bags that we use for carrying grocery items, everything is contributing towards her devastation, with hardly a few people caring about the future that such damage would endow. In such a scenario, do you want to contribute your efforts towards saving the environment? If yes, then start with giving green gifts, in the other words eco-friendly presents, to your loved ones. It can be anything that does not make your surroundings more contaminated. Want to explore some green gift ideas? Go through the list given below and take your pick.
Top Green Presents
Tote Shopping Bag
One of the best green gifts that you can present your loved ones with comprises of a tote shopping bag. The next time the gift receiver goes shopping, he/she will make use of your environment-friendly tote bag, rather than the plastic bags that prove to be so dangerous for our environment.
Organic Cotton Clothes
If the recipient is a person who is close to you and you are aware of his/ her likes and dislikes as well as size, then giving him/her something made from organic cotton is a very good idea. Apart from clothes, you can also give something like visor beanie made from organic cotton.
Bamboo & Cotton Towels
This year, gift your mother eco-friendly bamboo and cotton towels on Mother's Day. Apart from being good for environment, these towels would prove to be extremely soft on her skin as well. Once she uses these towels, be sure that she would not want to go back to the usual cotton ones.
Eco-Friendly Art & Craft Projects
When it comes to environment-friendly gifts for kids, art & craft projects prove to be the best bet. They comprise of numerous wonderful crafts that can be made from natural objects and materials. Along with that, you will also find instructions on various recycling and composting projects.
Solar-Powered Lights
In case you are unaware of them, solar-powered lights are easily available in the markets today. They can be used anywhere outside the house, be it in the recipient's garden or lamp posts (alongside the main gate). Not only will he/she save on electricity bill, but also help save the environment.
Your Time
What can be a better green present for your loved ones, other than your time? Spend an entire weekend with them, roaming around the neighborhood, going on long walks or even making meals for them. All of them are sure to fall in love with this environment-friendly gift.
You can also donate some money to an organization that is involved in saving the environment, in the name of the recipient. He/she will be happy to see that you have made a contribution in his/her name, for such a noble deed. And you will feel good for yourself as well!

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